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Game Warden emphasizes safety

Jeremy Woinarowicz has been the State Game Warden for District 1 for about 13 years. He lives in Warren Minnesota, but has traveled all over the district to serve in Kittson, Roseau, Pennington and Red Lake, Marshall, among others. Woinarowicz places a big emphasis on having fun in outdoor activities, but, in a safe way.

“There are two things that the public should ask themselves before they go out to recreate,” Woinarowicz says, “Is it legal? And is it safe?” According to Woinarowicz, kids without licenses or helmets are using ATVs to drive themselves to school or to a friend’s house is unsafe. Transporting loaded weapons to and from a hunting site is unsafe. And road hunting is unsafe.

Road hunting such as shooting at big game from a roadway is illegal, but it’s also unsafe. “You don’t know who could be sitting just inside the woods that you’re shooting into,” Woinarowicz said. “Or what someone has in their fields or woods. Shooting into someone else’s property is just dangerous.”

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