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Bean and Brush: more than just a coffee shop

Kate Johnson has done something that was only joked about. For the past few years, on top of being a first time mom, full time pastor, and art dabbler, Johnson has kicked around the idea of opening up a coffee shop in Hallock on Main. “It was just something we’d tease each other about,” Johnson said, between herself and her husband. “But then it became serious.”

Johnson obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH, and then went on to get her Masters at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. She has not had any prior business experience, being the lead pastor for the past three years at a three point parish in Alvarado and in Oslo, MN. “But the two hours of driving each day was just too much,” Johnson said. “So then we began looking at other possibilities.”

The couple considered a host of options. “But the idea that we just kept coming back to was the coffee shop,” Johnson said. In February, she took the idea to Paul Bloomquist, part of the Hallock Downtown Revitalization Group, who loved it, according to Johnson. They began looking at buildings immediately and settled on the old bank and jewelry store on Main.

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