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Bring on the crafts!

Brenda Sather is shown with another hobby of hers, Artfolding. The book she is holding has 514 pages. Each page is folded differently at the top and at the bottom but does not cover the shaded area on each page. Thus, when the project is completed, the word “Read” is the end result. The quilt draped over the chair Brenda is seated on is one that she has
also made.

This is one of the signs Brenda created at a local business, “567 Sip ‘n Sign”.

Shown are two creative Christmas trees ornaments done by Brenda Sather. On the left is a pair of old eye glasses transformed into an ornament by painting and on the right is a very attractive floral ornament made by using stamped card stock and adding embellishments.

Greenbush resident Brenda Sather best describes herself as one with a crafting addiction.
Sather began her #1 favorite, that of scrapbooking, in 1996.
“My (twin) sister, Bonnie and I have always enjoyed crafting, and one day she called, wondering if I had heard about scrapbooking.”
That’s all it took.  Brenda decided to enroll in a scrapbooking class that was offered as part of the Community Education program here in town.
“Creative Memories was just getting started at the time. We learned how to cut and design pages for pictures, how to crop a photo, and embellish pages,” Brenda stated.
As of now, there are close to 100 scrapbooks neatly arranged on wooden shelves in the closet that was once part of son Zack’s bedroom. The biggest majority of the scrapbooks are 12×12”; there are a few smaller-sized ones as well. And, they are  archival safe.
“When Zack went off to college, I missed him for a couple of weeks and then thought, I’m moving down here (basement) into his room,” she said with a satisfied look.
Brenda now has a perfect area which allows her to have  her all of her crafts and necessary material at the end of her finger tips all in one room. It’s fittingly known as her “studio”.
“I do family albums, basically every day life experiences. I take pictures of pictures so our kids also have albums of their own special life events – birthdays, graduations, Christmas, proms – and messy rooms!” she laughed.
“When the grandchildren have a meltdown and their parents get upset with them, it is fun to bring out the photo albums and show photos of my own kids during their tantrums when they were little. For me, capturing all of life’s little moments are important!”
To see the complete story, read the December 20 issue of The Tribune in print or online.


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