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Emergency services respond to two Greenbush Main Street incidents in less than a week

Greenbush fire fighters go into Squid’s Market on Monday, December 18 in response to an emergency call about smoke in the building. The source of the smoke came from an overheated refrigeration compressor. The incident didn’t include any open flames and the department didn’t need any water to deal with it. Business continued on at Squid’s as usual.

Emergency services responded to a fire in the Greenbush Pharmacy basement on Thursday, December 14. The fire was contained in the basement, but the smoke from it rose to store level, ruining all of the store’s inventory. According to Greenbush Pharmacy owner Dean Mattson, the store is a complete loss.

Greenbush’s Main Street has had snow on it for some time now, but twice within less than one week, emergency vehicles, from fire trucks to EMS vehicles, have covered this street, responding to two separate incidents at two different buildings– the Greenbush Pharmacy and Squid’s Market. The Greenbush Pharmacy store has been deemed a complete loss.
Greenbush Pharmacy
At 8:45 a.m. on Thursday, December 14, the Greenbush Fire Department received an emergency call about an electrical fire in the Greenbush Pharmacy basement.
Luckily, Greenbush Fire Chief Randy Jenson explained, the fire burnt through the plastic waterline in the basement, causing a substantial amount of water to spray down on the fire, containing it in that location. So, when the Greenbush fire department responded, they had to extinguish an “extremely small” open flame.
Although the fire was extinguished, the incident left the store a total loss, due to the smoke damage that reached the building inventory floor, Greenbush Pharmacy owner Dean Mattson said.
The incident, Mattson explained, caused substantial structural damage and the smoke damage rendered all inventory in the building a complete loss. Everything in the building has to be discarded.
As to when the Greenbush Pharmacy will open again, Mattson doesn’t yet know in these early stages. He is working with the state board of pharmacy and the business’ insurance adjustors. The business is in the process of looking at alternative sites in Greenbush, and the state board of pharmacy has to okay the site before moving forward.
Squid’s Market
At approximately 10:15 am on Monday, December 18, the Greenbush Fire Department responded to an emergency call from Squid’s Market, reporting smoke throughout the building.
The department identified the cause of the smoke–an overheated refrigeration compressor. The incident didn’t include any open flames and the department didn’t need any water to deal with it, Chief Jenson reported.
In both incidents, no one was hurt.
To see the complete story, read the December 20 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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