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Tri-County School seniors offered emergency response training

Emergency Response Training will be given to the senior class at Tri-County School. “This is not going to cost the school a thing,” Superintendant/ Principal Ryan Baron assured the board at the regular meeting on December 13. “Jessica King is very excited to teach the class.”

Interested seniors can take this elective in spring 2018 and be taught the necessary skills to become First Responders or EMRs. “They can get the training when they are 17-years-old,” Baron explained. “But they have to wait until they turn 18-years-old before they can take the exam.”

King, the training coordinator for the Tri-County EMS, is very excited to begin teaching the class. Numbers for EMTs and EMRs have gone down these past few years, according to King, and training the senior class, encouraging those interested students in emergency response, is a good opportunity, according to King.

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