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German exchange student attending Badger school

Anh Nguyen (left), foreign exchange student from Germany, is pictured with her host family, Tina, Scott, and Joanna Erickson of rural Badger. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

When she arrived in the “Minnesota Northwoods” the beginning of September, 2017, 17-year-old Anh Nguyen was approximately 4,370 miles from her home in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany.
Enrolled in the senior class at the Badger High School, her host family is Scott and Tina Erickson and their daughter, Joanna, who is also a Badger High school senior.
Anh was asked what made her decide she wanted to come to the United States?
She replied, “During this school year, I wanted to finally get out of my comfort zone, to improve my English, and to find out what I really want and who I am.  My first choice was actually New Zealand but the U.S. was my second choice.  This country always amazed me with its variety and its culture.”
Getting approval to come here was a long process. She stated there was a lot of paperwork to do. And, she was given shots for a lot of diseases she’d never heard of!  “I had to apply for my Visa and I was interviewed as to what my reasons were for wanting to go to the U.S.  My school also had to fill out some papers. They checked my grades and did a background check. My exchange organization did the rest of the work.”
Anh’s 12-hour flight took her from Germany to Amsterdam to Minneapolis and lastly to Fargo.
As a student in the Badger school, she said at first it was different getting from one class to the next on time.  “In Germany we get half-hour breaks between classes.  We study a total of 15 classes in Germany – way more science classes, and also English and French.”
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