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Online auctions are growing business

Al Sather

“Now days, online auctions draw a larger public audience; there are several thousands that see it on the internet versus two to three hundred showing up on the average at a regular auction sale,” Al Sather of Greenbush, Minn., said.
This last summer, Sather began a new job – as a sales representative for which is based out of Audubon, Minn. Owner of the company is Al’s uncle, Clark Sather, a former local resident.  Lynn, Mike, and Ryan, sons of Clark and his wife, Sandra, are also on the staff as sales reps.
“Auctionblock” sells all kinds of equipment, ranging from farm machinery to snowmobiles, ATV’s, cars, pickups, heavy equipment such as semi trucks, payloaders, bulldozers, and backhoes.  This year an airplane was sold for the first time.
“Property can be moved all over the world … it’s not a fixed asset,” Al said.  “For instance, a lot of heavy construction equipment has gone to overseas countries such as Vietnam, Belgium, Africa, Jordan, to name a few.
For 20 years Sather worked at Anderson Power and Equipment in Thief River Falls. Later taken over by Titan the business is no longer in operation.
“Having knowledge of farm equipment and parts was good to stem off of when going into this business,” he said.
Another plus, is his workplace(s)…he basically works out of his and his wife, Brenda’s, home and/or in his pickup!
To see the complete story, read the January 17 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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