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Halma farm family receives national award

Leon and Lance Hapka of HFC, Inc. from Halma, MN received the prestigious National Potato Council 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award. The award was presented during the National Potato Council (NPC) 2018 Annual Meeting held on January 12 in Orlando, Florida. The award is a component of the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, a partnership between NPC and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to promote the environment and promote the safe and effective use of pesticides.

The Hapkas farm between 700-800 acres of potatoes each year. Several growing practices on their farm help to preserve and protect the viability of their farming operation for future generations.  In addition to planting potatoes, they also rotate between planting corn and rye. Rotating crops helps to improve soil health, reduces pest pressure and reduces the need for herbicides. Another way HFC, Inc. is protecting the environment is by implementing techniques to conserve and preserve water.

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