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Klos shares 50 years of trapping experience

Dana Klos, of Thief River Falls, started trapping in 1966. “I would have been 12 years old,” Klos said, “We had trouble with something coming into our barn and killing chickens; my uncle thought it was a fox but it turned out to be a mink.”

Klos used a small leg hold trap to catch the mink and then sold it for $20. He remembers it being a lot of money and when he had his next birthday he used his savings to buy more traps. He’s been trapping ever since.

Klos teaches young and old alike how to trap. He tells everyone who comes to him for instruction that trapping is a “dirty sport, a messy sport, and it’s a stinky sport.” When someone is just starting out, Klos first has them trap pocket gophers. Then after a few weeks of doing that, if they still want to trap, then they’ll be trappers for life, he says.

The number one question he gets about trapping is if he is a “good” trapper. “I must be, I still have all of my fingers!” he answers with a grin.

Klos is licensed to trap nuisance animals with the police department. These include skunks, rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks, raccoons, and whatever else a person is having trouble with while living within a city.

For more on Klos’ 50 years of trapping experience, see this week’s North Star News!

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