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Glad turns hobby into home business

Miranda Glad, of Lancaster, Minnesota, is in her element when it comes to a pair of scissors, some fabric, and a sewing machine. Glad chooses fabrics, threads, and time, and turns out clothes for 18-inch dolls.

“When I was first encouraged to make doll clothes from my mom after I graduated high school I thought ‘why?’” Glad said. “I didn’t know girls still played with dolls.” She soon found out how wrong she was and has enjoyed a fun sewing business ever since.

“I’ve always sewn,” Glad said. “My mom taught both my sister and me how to sew and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know how to sew.” Glad recalls her mom making special outfits for her and her dolls while growing up, then encouraging Glad to pursue the talent. She started making a few things just for herself, then at some small craft fairs, and now sells through craft fairs and online through and commissions.

Glad typically buys fabrics from fabric shops in the surrounding area, or if in a bigger city, will stock up on the varieties of fabrics she finds. Two rooms in her home are full of fabric in drawers and tubs. “I typically cut out the patterns in the spring and summer and then spend all of winter sewing the pieces together,” Glad explained.

For more on Glad’s business venture, see this week’s North Star News!

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