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Kittson County handles all Minn. snowbird titles

The issues with the new system MNLARS, the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System, have caused headaches for both vehicle owners and dealerships when attempting to process titles.

Kittson County Administrator Eric Christiansen sang the praises of the license dept. employees in Kittson County. Because the county was so efficient and not swamped like offices in the bigger cities, a company from Florida contacted them about registering titles for vehicles purchased in Florida by Minn. residents.

Kittson now handles all the license requests from Minn. snowbirds in Florida, about 10-15 requests per week, which brings additional fees of $10 per title into the county.

Kittson County still cannot process personalized license plate transfers, so vehicle owners are issued a 60-day permit, some of which have been re-renewed multiple times.

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