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Tri-County School Board discusses reduction possibilities, change to Dean’s title

Tri-County Schools Superintendent/Principal Ryan Baron presented ideas for reduction possibilities at the regular school board meeting on February 21. Baron specified these were not recommendations at this point, but merely ideas.

Possibilities include replacing the retiring elementary teacher with a less experienced teacher, reducing the science department, reducing or cutting the school nurse, combining office staff positions from three to two, or reducing office staff hours in the summer to four days per week.

Baron and the school board will continue to look into these options at upcoming meetings. No action was taken.

Also in his report, Baron suggested the school board change Dean of Students Nick Amb’s title to Assistant Principal, giving him the authority to go ahead with certain job responsibilities that he currently does.

Baron said Amb’s pay would stay the same, but with the change in title, Amb could handle various tasks such as discipline without having to go through Baron. Also, when Baron is out of the building, Amb would have the authority to handle certain responsibilities.

Part of the rationale is that the school is not using the position of Dean of Students as intended. According to Baron, the dean is supposed to either be on track to become an administrator or be a teacher on special assignment.

Amb currently holds the titles of Athletic Director and Dean of Students and is on a teacher contract. He is licensed as a superintendent/principal.

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