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Pickle ball league starting in Karlstad

Looking for an activity while it’s still winter outside? How about trying pickleball, the latest option through Tri-County Schools’ Community Ed program.

“Our goal was to have a healthy winter activity that’s available for any physical ability,” facilitator Pastor Matthew Dehnert said. “Pickleball is the classic ‘anybody can play.’”

The game is “fast-paced and fun,” Dehnert said, adding it is currently the number one fastest growing sport in the country.

The pickleball is similar to a wiffle ball, with holes in it, and is volleyed back and forth with a paddle similar to a ping pong paddle. “It’s not as fast as a tennis ball or racquetball,” Dehnert said. “Even if you’ve never had experience, you can pick up a paddle and hit this ball.”

The court is about two-thirds the size of a tennis court. The ball is served from one corner of the court with a one bounce rule, and the majority of play takes place within 15 feet of the opposing team.

“What makes the game fast-paced and fun, is when you’re playing that close together,” Dehnert explained. “It’s a very social event where you get to know other people as well and play with all skill levels.”

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