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Former Irene’s Café torn down

The former Irene’s Café in Strandquist has been torn down due to deteriorating conditions.

The café was built in the late 1920’s. According to the 2004 Strandquist Centennial book, “Ed Lubarski had a restaurant which is currently Irene’s Café.” No other specifics were given.

One of the first owners was Ray Anderson, who operated under the name Ray’s Café.

Other owners included: Minnie and Ed Carlson, Gladys Renstrom (who named it the Renstrom Café), Helen Stennes, and Linda Bodell. Bodell changed the name to the Lumberjack Café, and was known for her potato dumplings on Tuesdays.

Arlene Reese owned the café next, followed by Mareen Banning, who served Chinese suppers on Friday and Saturday nights.

Irene Nelson was the next owner and changed the name to Irene’s Café. Nelson was also known for potato dumplings on Tuesday.

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