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Sheriff presents on online safety and avoiding scams

Financial scams and sexual exploitation of children were the topics covered in a presentation by the Kittson County Sheriff’s Office last Thursday, April 5, at the Lancaster Covenant Church.

Sheriff Steve Porter and Chief Deputy Matt Vig presented information, using examples of cases within Kittson County. “We don’t want people to become paranoid, but we do want people to be vigilant,” Porter said. He believes when people are informed they are less likely to become victims.

Among the financial scams to hit area residents was a scammer who called saying the person owed taxes to the IRS and needed to wire money immediately.

Often the callers are from other countries, but have ways to make their phone number appear as a local number.

Porter warned that wiring money is never a good idea, as the person will not be able to get it back. If someone gets a call from someone claiming to be the IRS, call your local tax professional or the sheriff’s office.

Other cases in Kittson County have involved a caller saying, “You’ve won the lottery,” even if the person getting the call has not played the lottery. Or a scammer claiming the person’s computer had a virus and asking for the computer login information.

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