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“Under the Northern Lights” performs at museum

“Under the Northern Lights” performed at Kittson County Historical Society in Lake Bronson on Thursday, May 3. The three-member group shared Scandinavian songs, stories, and history.

Dr. Joan Paddock is a Minot, ND, native of Norwegian ancestry, who is a cultural presenter, conductor, and professor of music. Stina Fagertun is a cultural presenter and traditional storyteller, and Trine Strand is a professional singer.

Strand and Fagertun are from an area in northern Norway on the 69th parallel, which is 16 hours drive north of the Arctic Circle where the average winter temperature is 14 degrees Fahrenheit. This area gets two months of darkness in the winter and midnight sun during the summer.

Fagertun is from the Sámi culture, formerly known as Lapplanders. The Sámi refer to themselves as the “people of the sun.” Lappland is actually a county in Sweden which has similar dress to the Sámi people, so in the past, the two groups were confused. But now the Sámi people prefer to be called Sámi.

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