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Karlstad discusses replacing moose as city mascot

At the regular city council meeting on May 7, the council discussed possibilities for changing Karlstad’s motto and mascot from “Moose Capital of the North” to something new.

Moose are rarely seen around the area anymore, due to the unfortunate decline in moose population over the last several decades.

According to the Karlstad Centennial book, “Moose Capital of the North” was adopted by the city in the early 1990s and became the theme and logo for the city, including the annual summer MooseFest.

A committee may be formed to collect feedback from the public on ideas for a new motto.

Photo from “Portrait of Progress” Karlstad’s Centennial history book, this photo shows then City Administrator/Clerk Wayne Ruud with a moose that stopped by the city office in April 1997.

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