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Ambs accept positions in Walhalla

When school resumes this fall, two familiar faces will be missing. After twenty years at Tri-County School, Nick and Lisa Amb will begin at the school district in Walhalla, ND: Nick as Elementary Principal and Lisa as first grade teacher.

Their years at Tri-County School have had a theme of: we’ll help where needed.

Besides their classrooms, the two have helped out wherever there was a gap: Nick as a Close-Up trip advisor, head football coach, track coach, substitute bus driver, and Lisa as prom advisor, drama advisor, and assistant Close-Up chaperone. “If there has been a need, I’ve always said I will try it,” Lisa said.

Along with the other elementary teachers, the Ambs helped to start MASH, “My After School Headquarters,” an after school daycare at the school to help address a shortage of daycare.

Nick and Lisa chaperoned five Close Up trips to Washington, DC. On the trips, the kids would often come to Lisa when sick or needing something. “I don’t know if it was because I was their kindergarten teacher or if it was because I was their friends’ mom,” Lisa said. “Because in a small community, you’re both.”

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