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Kittson SGA partners up to promote biodiesel

The Kittson County Soybean Growers Association is teaming up this summer in northwestern Minnesota by partnering with the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) to promote biodiesel.

“We are growing more and more soybeans in our area and Biodiesel production has been a good market for soybean oil to go” says Chuck Dziengel, Kittson County Soybean Growers Association President. “The added sixty-three cents of value in every bushel of soybeans really makes a difference to our farm’s profitability.”

The major highlight of their biodiesel promotion is the opportunity to host the long-awaited biodiesel truck built by the DieselSellerz, stars of Discovery Channel’s hit show “Diesel Brothers.”

“This truck helps us get the conversation going about biodiesel” Dziengel says. “It’s a real eye catcher, and it allows us an opportunity to answer questions about the fuel. People are shocked when they find out they can use biodiesel blends up to 20 percent without any engine modifications.”

The “DieselSellerz” truck will be making its stop in Kittson County June 14 at C&M Ford and Revelation Ale. The counties’ goal for hosting the truck is to create awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of biodiesel use in Minnesota.

For more, see this week’s North Star News!

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