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School safety, daycare shortage discussed at town hall meeting

School safety and daycare shortage were hot topics at the town hall meeting held in Hallock on May 31 with Representative Dan Fabian and State Senator Mark Johnson.

After sharing an update on the legislative session, one of the first comments came from County Commissioner Betty Younggren, who said, “I have a real concern about gun violence. What can the Minnesota State Legislature do to prevent some of this?”

Johnson said one of the bills that was vetoed by Dayton contained money for school safety. “That was a top concern for us. We did a number of things to address that,” Johnson said. “I don’t think it’s about guns, I think it’s about mental health and I think it’s about school safety. Those are the things that we need to address.”

“You go and talk to any of the superintendents around here and you’re going to hear mental health,” Johnson said. “I don’t care what we do with guns as far as you can lock them up and do all these things, but you’re still going to have school safety issues over and over again until we can address some of those systemic problems in mental health.”

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