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Vandalism at East Park WMA in Marshall County

While doing a routine check at the East Park Wildlife Management Area in Marshall County, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wildlife managers discovered both gates along the north dike of the WMA had been vandalized and people had been illegally driving the road past the water control structure.

The east gate is bent in a U-shape, the lock is broken and it can no longer be closed and locked. The west gate is completely destroyed.  The metal and concrete posts are bent over and the gate has been crushed. Both gates will need to be replaced.

“We repaired the east gate twice in the last two years,” said Jason Wollin, Karlstad assistant area wildlife manager. “We replaced the west gate last fall.”

“This type of vandalism has been going on at East Park WMA since the early 1980s when the gates first went up to address the destruction caused by drivers disobeying the ‘no motorized vehicle’ signs,” said DNR Enforcement Lt. Pat Znajda.

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