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Locals participate in Sod House Theater production

Kittson County residents performed a musical production of “An Enemy of the People” together with Sod House Theater July 25-26 in Hallock.

Local residents rehearsed with the group for three hours on Monday and Tuesday, leading up to the productions on Wednesday and Thursday.

The musical was called a bluegrass-infused adaptation, of “An Enemy of the People,” written by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Darcey Engen, Luverne Seifert, Brian Laidlaw, and Ashley Hanson.

The play, “An Enemy of the People” examines how a community responds when a local doctor threatens to expose that the water it relies upon for tourism is being poisoned. The play questions how far a community will go to protect their town’s secret in order to avoid financial ruin.

Sod House Theater planned to tour to nine communities in Minnesota this summer with this production.

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