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Mark Davis Hoverson, 39

Mark Davis Hoverson, 39, of Manvel, ND, died Friday, August 17th following a 4 year long struggle with Neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer. He was born the 2nd of September 1978, the second son of Davis and Lynne Hoverson, Mark was raised in the quiet North Dakota countryside surrounding the town of Manvel, a town he would come to adore and celebrate with happy ferocity.

As a youth, Mark cultivated a love of sport and quickly began to excel in most athletic endeavors attempted. He especially excelled in baseball and basketball, winning awards and life-long friends in the process. He earned a spot on the varsity basketball team as a freshman, and would later earn all-conference honors in helping to lead his high school team to multiple state tournaments, including a state title in 1996. Mark’s love of competition and sport would continue on through his life as he developed a passion for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and golf.

Upon graduation from Grand Forks Central High School in 1997, Mark embarked on a life of varied adventures that would include world travel, entrepreneurial endeavors, coaching, youth work, and an intense study of leadership, scripture, business, marketing, and personal development. The hallmark principles which drove Mark’s life include a commitment to the wisdom of scripture and the person of Jesus Christ, a dogged pursuit of excellence, a conviction that the world was wondrous, full of pleasure, and worth exploring, an action-oriented approach to love of others, and the idea that legacy was more important than momentary success.

For nearly ten years, the major impact of Mark’s life came in his service to local churches, teaching and leading groups of youth. His ability and willingness to connect with all manner of people was rare. Mark studied vigorously and found great joy in communicating in creative, persuasive, and practical ways. He was a pastor, teacher, mentor and friend to hundreds over the years. Mark threw himself fully into entrepreneurship in the mid-2000s. He was fascinated by the world of the internet and, specifically, its ability to leverage communication, sales, marketing and information. In addition to founding and running his own business, His ability to communicate clearly and develop leaders moved much of his business toward consulting, teaching, content creation, and public speaking.

Mark was a man of integrity. He deflected dishonest flattery from self and others. Admittedly flawed, Mark desired to live a life of honest wholeness, in public and private. He was the same when speaking to thousands at a business conference as when giving helpful (if unsolicited) counsel to local sushi restaurants. He operated with a disarming candor whether in personal family conversations or in high stakes business settings. His leadership instincts and command of details were equally evident in moments of family hospitality and locally organized old man hockey tournaments.

Mark was a man of joy and hospitality. Together, he and Shannon created a home that was welcoming, lively, meaningful and full of love. They served others by inviting them into their world of traditions, dreams, conversation, parenting, business, music, food and drink. Many remarked their home and family were unique due to a mix of love, creativity, strong traditions, maturity and instruction. This was largely the result of Mark’s commitment to teaching, correction, fun and motivation for adults and children alike.

Mark’s combination of insatiable curiosity, practical creativity, and relational capacity made him a truly memorable person. Friend or foe, commending or critiquing, you encountered Mark and he left an imprint. He was dedicated to establishing new friendships or maintaining existed friendships. He tended his relational connections with intentionality, substance, and joy.

Mark is survived by his loving wife of nearly 16 years, Shannon; four children, Isaac (15), Grace (13), Rush (11), and Micah (10); parents, Lynne & Davis Hoverson; siblings, John Hoverson of Manvel, ND and Jeff (Erica) Hoverson of Appleton, WI, and their children Raina and Ronan; grandfather, Odell Stadstad of Manvel; sister-in-law, Rachael (Ryan ) Tiedeman Beresford, SD, and their children Becca, Larissa and Jase; mother-in-law Dianna Roskens of Sioux Falls, SD; father-in-law, Greg (Nancy) Roskens of Emery, SD; grandmothers, Dorothy Roskens of Emery, SD, Josephine Jurgensen of Sioux Falls, SD and several aunts, uncles, and cousins.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Dayton and Helen Hoverson; grandmother, Reggie Stadstad; cousin, Jason Stadstad and uncle, Lowell Burger.

**In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be directed to the family.

Funeral Service: Friday, August 24, at 12:00 p.m. at Hope Covenant Church in Grand Forks, with visitation from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 2 hours prior to the funeral in the church.

Interment: Middle Grove Cemetery, rural Mekinock, ND.

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