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Kittson County senior volunteers are busy, active

The senior volunteers in Kittson County are busy and active. The 29 volunteers are logging more hours than 43 volunteers in another county. They average 5-10 hours a week, compared to the 1-2 hours average logged by others.

“Folks in Kittson County are very busy, very committed, and staying healthy and having fun doing it,” Tammy Frolich said. “It’s great to see.”

Frolich is the program director for the Retired Seniors Volunteers Program (RSVP) based in Crookston and covering a seven county area. She presented an update on the program’s activities at the County Commissioners board meeting on September 4.

RSVP is a volunteer program for those age 55 and older with the goal to “engage in meaningful services of opportunity and at the same time, make an impact on the community,” Frolich said.

The county’s 29 senior volunteers logged 3,642 hours in 2017. Frolich said this is an equivalent to $87,900 in services provided by paid staff in bigger counties.

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