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Fisher ISD #600 Regular School Board Minutes Date: August 20, 2018

Fisher ISD #600 Regular School Board Minutes Date: August 20, 2018 Review Bills: 6:30 A.M. Board Meeting: 7:00 A.M. 1.0 Call the Meeting to Order 1.1 School Board Members Roll _x_Mike Vasek(l8) _ Sheila Beiswenger(l8) _x_Joel Ness(l8) _x_ Lance Reitmeier(20) _ Darryl Jorgenson(20) _x_ Josh Ko rynta(20) 1.2 Administration x Evan Hanson x Catherine Steinmetz Joshua Mailhot Guests: Tim Berg, Tami Newhouse, Danielle Andrist, Liz Busch, Patricia Moore, Cassandra Hyde, Jake Swiers 1.3 Pledge of Allegiance 2.0 Approval of the Agenda as Presented or Amended Motion: _Joel_ Second: _Josh_ Approved 3.0 Approve Minutes of the Board Meeting 3.1 Board Minutes (July 23, 2018) Motion: _Lance_ Second: _Josh_ Approved 4.0 Financial Payable disbursement for (date) 7/25/2018 through 8/16/18 in the amount of $ 63,559.53 Check # 51983 through 52025 Voids:NONE Credit Car~~1!.1()~pJl6,854.73 EFT $ NONE Motion: _Josh Second _Mike_ Approved 4.1 Jake Swiers: Community Coop – natural gas – At least another 2 years 5.0 Policies (final readings) 5.1 Annual Policies and General Information 5.2 Crisis Plan Review 5.3 Student Handbook No Cell Phones in classrooms, add PSEO and OCHS language to website Motion: _Joel_ Second _Josh_ Approved 6.0 Action Items 6.1 Request for enrollment exemption (5th grade) Motion: Josh Second _Joel_ Approved 6.2 Replacement of tandem compressors: McFarlane Motion: Josh Second _Lance_ Approved 6.3 Garbage Removal: Tabled, pending more information 7.0 Consent Agenda 7.1 Resignation of Ashley Lackner 7.2 Hire Elementary Teacher: Julie Christianson 7.3 Hire para: Bailey Bealer 7.4 Hire para: Keiana Balfanz 7.5 Hire SLP: Lynn Nykoluk 7.6 Lane Change: Erin Marsyla 7.7 Lane Change: Cassandra Hyde 7.8 Hire Daycare Teacher: Kayla Klund Motion: Joel Second _Josh_ Approved 8.0 Principal Reports 8.1 Fall Workshop agenda: Discipline Procedures and Restorative Practices 8.2 PLC schedule: Delta, NWMH, Committees 9.0 Superintendent Report 9.1 Cross Country 9.2 Safe School Grant: Notification, Communications, and Protective Window Film 10.0 Next Meeting: _Sept. 19@ 7:00 P.M._ 11.0 Adjourmnent _7:18 A.M._ Motion: Lance Second _Josh_ Approved (September 26, 2018)

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