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Kittson County plans for roadwork in 2019

No matter where you travel in our region, roadwork and winter seem to be our two main seasons. With miles of roads that can be traveled in Kittson County, one is bound to come across work being done, have to follow a detour or a portion of road being closed all together.

Kelly Bengston, Engineer with the Kittson County Highway Department, stated that, “This year we had seven construction projects that included 13 miles of road and one bridge deck rehabilitation project. Only six miles were detoured and 0.3 miles were closed during construction. All others were open were open to traffic with flag people or pilot cars.”

Kittson County has 120 township bridges, 375.46 miles of County State Aid Highways, 79 county bridges and 93.66 miles of the County Road system. The County also helps townships to maintain 750 miles of dirt or gravel roadway.

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