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Security system upgraded at Badger School

All the security upgrades the Badger School District approved back at its May 14, 2018 meeting will be offically implemented and up and running on October 15, as announced at its October 8 board meeting. By October 15, all of the school doors will be locked during the school day.
These security upgrades include: work done on the school security system’s access control, and five extra cameras and a recorder being installed. The school’s current key scan system has also been upgraded, specifically to the key scan readers.
Back at this May meeting, Badger Superintendent Tom Jerome explained that this new system also includes upgrades to its entry system and creates a situation that would require individuals to now “verbally and visually ‘check-in’” with whoever is at the school office’s front desk before being granted inside access to the building during school hours.
As part of this system, people will push a button to buzz in, a recording will begin, and audio exchanges can take place. The office will then grant, or not grant, access into the building to that person(s). For the public, signage will be on the front school door to provide instructions on how to gain access into the building.
Both of the school’s recorders have the capabilites for facial recognition software.
According to Jerome, school technology coordinator Val Truscinski has a high confidence level that the system is up and running, just working on a couple things related to the district’s server.
To read the full story, read the October 10 issue of The Tribune in print or online.


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