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GMR Robotics wins Minnesota Robotics Invitational, Badger finishes third

The GMR Robotics team poses with the first place trophy it won at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational at Roseville Area High School on October 13. They are (L to R): Front: Raymond Tarala, Isabella Brockhouse, Aubre Berg, Piper Sondreal, Cammi Cain, Asher Burslie, Lauren Stenberg, Tessany Bertilrud; Middle: Mary Anderson, Carol Novacek, Lauren Kvien, Theron Kuznia, Payton Waage, Sarah Stanelle, Megan Williamson, Landon Kvien, Doug Hlucny, Russ Anderson; Back: John Langaas, Christian Wahl, Brady Kilen, Thor Anderson, John Novacek, Max Utter, Kyle Stauffenecker, Ryan Hlucny, Conner Wojchowski, Teresa Hluncy, Brian Utter. (submitted photo)

Thor Anderson (left) talks with GMR team mentor Brian Utter (right) during the Minnesota Robotics Invitational at Roseville Area High School, an off season event, on October 13. (submitted photo)

GMR Robotics team members Aubre Berg and Piper Sondreal meet with students from other robotics teams. This event in Roseville also offered workshops on awards, safety, and outreach. New and old students took part in these, bringing back lots of notes and ideas for improvements to their team. (submitted photo)

Greenbush-Middle River Robotics, Team 5172, participated in the Minnesota Robotics Invitational in Roseville on Saturday, October 13. The GMR team would come out as champions following action at this off season event that consisted of 36 teams from North Dakota and Minnesota.
During qualification rounds, the team had a record of 4-3. This placed them fourth overall and would allow them to be an alliance captain. The team would choose to align with Team 3130, The Errors of Woodbury, and Team 4536, The Minutebots of St. Paul. The semifinal rounds were against the top-ranked alliance of Team 3750 of Badger, Team 4539 of Frazee, and Team 2175 of St. Paul. Team 5172’s alliance would lose the first match by a score of 469 to 266, but come back in the second round to win 302 to 274. This forced a tie breaker, one that brought a nail biter of a win to 5172 by a score of 326 to 314.
Moving on to the finals, Team 5172 would find themselves against Team 876 of Northwood, N.D., Team 1816 of Edina, and Team 4607 of Becker. The matches would be touch and go with penalty points playing a huge role in the results of both. Team 5172’s alliance would win 381 to 326 and 295 to 212 to win the championship.
This off season event not only provided students with some competition, but also the chance to try various roles within the team and work with each other to learn about the chemistry of the new team. Workshops on awards, safety, and outreach were offered. New and old students took part in these, bringing back lots of notes and ideas for improvements to their team.
Badger Robotics
Ranked number after qualification matches, the Badger Robotics team and its alliance had a strong performance in its first semifinal match. But, it fell in its next two semfinal matches after one of the robots on its alliance encountered mechanical issues.
The Badger alliance bounced back though to win and earn third place recognition.

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