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Tri-County School ranks high in test scores

The test results are in: students at Tri-County Schools rank high in academic proficiency.

Out of ten area schools, Tri-County Schools (TCS) had the highest percentage of students who met or exceeded state standards in Elementary Math and High School Reading.

TCS had the second highest percentage in the categories of Elementary Reading, Elementary Science and High School Math.

The test results come from the MCA 3, or the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment, which students take every spring. The test scores the students’ proficiency in math, reading, and science, in select grades in elementary and high school.

Superintendent/Principal Ryan Baron said he is proud of the TCS scores, especially in the elementary, which has consistently high percentages from year to year. “It shows me we’re doing something right,” Baron said.

Elementary TCS students scored at or above state standards in:

Math: 80% (highest percentage out of ten area schools)

Reading: 73.9% (second)

Science: 69.2% (second)

High School TCS students scored at or above state standards in:

Math 66.7% (second)

Reading: 76.3% (highest percentage)

Science: 40% (eighth)

This year’s results in High School are up in math and reading, but dipped down in science.

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