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Bernstrom grows more winning pumpkins

For the fifth year in a row, Charlie Bernstorm has grown some giant pumpkins and won some recognition. This year he traveled to Manitoba, Stillwater, and Anoka for competitions, and finished of the season with a pumpkin drop event in Lancaster this past Saturday.

This year, Bernstrom grew “just” three giant pumpkins, compared to four and six in two previous years.

The first pumpkin won the record for biggest pumpkin ever weighed in Manitoba, weighing in at 1,753.5 pounds at the Roland Pumpkin Fair.

Bernstrom’s second pumpkin won the competition at Anoka, MN, weighing in at 1,606 pounds. That pumpkin then went on to Finnegan’s Brewery in Minneapolis, where it was hollowed out to hold a batch of beer. The brew spent a week in the pumpkin and will be on tap at the bar on Halloween. Two cases of the “Super Gourd” brew are being set aside for Bernstrom.

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