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Regular Board of Education Meeting Tri-County (MN) School District 2358 October 17, 2018

Regular Board of Education Meeting Tri-County School District 2358 October 17, 2018, 6:30 p.m. Strandquist Community Center Strandquist, Minnesota The meeting was called to order by Acting Chairperson Burkel at 6:30 p.m. and a quorum was determined. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Members Burkel, Duray, Hanson, Koland, Murray, Olson and Sollund plus Superintendent/Principal Baron and Dean of Students Hanson were present. Absent none. •We Are Proud of our paraprofessionals – Rachel, Lexie, Laurie, Camille, Kayla, Kristyne, Sue, Jessie, and Joyceln for all the support they give to our teachers and help make our classrooms be more productive. •In Textiles, students are working hard on their quilts! Among the nine students in the class, we have three different quilt patterns going. This is new as in the past all students have made quilts in the log cabin method, but then made them unique and individual through their block arrangement. This year, we have 3 patterns going and I’m excited to see the variety of quilts they will produce! Mr. Dahl, our student teacher working with Mrs. P this fall, has done an excellent job of bringing new ideas to the course and the students are enjoying the choices. It’s not uncommon for many of them to be in the room a second hour to work on their quilt projects! •Art II students have been learning about and practicing with acrylic painting since the beginning of the school year. After learning some painting techniques students began with a painting requiring them to incorporate several of those techniques into it somewhere. Then, students learned about the Impressionist style of painting and are currently in the process of creating a landscape painting in the Impressionist style, using broken color painting techniques to create the impression of the scene they are painting. We will wrap up our acrylic painting unit with a self-directed, self-chosen piece. I’m proud of the students for working diligently through the paintings, even though frustrating at times! Through frustration, great learning happens! •We Are Proud of Student Council Advisor Kristyne Duray (with help from Student Council, Jenny Klegstad and Heidi Spilde) on planning and executing a great Homecoming Week! There were very few issues and kids had a great time! Coronation, Lip Sync, Wildcat Olympics, Freeze Football Game and Dance all were fun to participate in and watch. •We are proud of the eleven boys that attended the “Brothers, Sing On!” men’s choral festival at Concordia College on Sept. 25. They worked hard and represented Tri-County exceptionally well. •What We Are Doing in third grade music: the students have all been working on composing original songs using the C pentatonic scale. I gave them the rhythm for their composition, and they had to compose the rest of the song using the C pentatonic scale with pitch syllables as well as note names (do re mi so la/C D E G A). Once their song is complete, they will then practice playing them on the xylophones. As they are composing, they need to make sure that they are able to play their composition. Some have had to go back and make revisions so that their piece flowed better and was more playable. In addition to playing their compositions on the xylophones, they will also sing them with pitch syllables independently. •Fourth grade and Kindergarten have started doing reading buddies on Fridays! Member Duray moved and member Sollund seconded to approve the agenda as amended. UC Member Murray moved and member Duray seconded to approve the minutes of the September 19, 2018 Regular Meeting. UC Member Murray moved and member Burkel seconded to authorize payment for claims in the following funds. UC Late September Bills Last Year This Year GENERAL $0.00 $18,718.80 FOOD SERVICE 0.00 0.00 COMMUNITY SERVICE 0.00 0.00 TOTAL $0.00 $18,718.80 October Bills Last Year This Year GENERAL $38,951.00 $47,753.14 FOOD SERVICE 6,900.27 9,121.86 COMMUNITY SERVICE 56.22 261.70 TOTAL $45,907.49 $57,136.70 Visitors present were Laura Efta, Ann Thompson, Keegan Krantz, Rylie Krantz, Justina Pietruszewski, Corey & Kristin Berberich, Kyle & Raechelle Folland, and Tracee Bruggeman with Brady, Martz & Associates. Member Koland moved and member Olson seconded to accept the 2017-18 Audit Report as presented by Brady, Martz, and Associates, P.C. UC Member Sollund moved and member Olson seconded to set the public meeting date for the World’s Best Work Force on November 14, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. UC Member Murray moved and member Sollund seconded to approve the hiring of Jeffrey Westberg as Junior High Girls Basketball Coach beginning for the 2018-19 girls basketball season. UC Member Murray moved and member Duray seconded to approve the purchase of a 2017 Blue Bird 59 passenger bus from North Central on a 4 year payment plan. Details are on file in the Supterintendent’s Office. UC Member Koland moved and member Sollund seconded to authorize the removal of Denise Lund from Tri-County Public School’s Prime Security Bank accounts ending XXXX5401 – Activity, XXXX5402 – Petty Cash, XXXX6801 – District, and XXXX6802 – Market Savings and to replace those accounts with Megan Hanson, current business manager for Tri-County Schools. UC Dean of Students Hanson reported on the following: PSAT Testing, Community Service Day, Donuts for Dads and Veteran’s Day Program. Superintendent Baron reported on the following: Enrollment, MASH, Old Bus, Grants, Door Safety, E-Rate Plan, MCA Results and Office Personnel Position. The School Board noted that any changes to the MASH program must be run through the School Board first. NWRIC: Meeting in October, nothing to report. REGION I: Has completed all hiring, doing extracts from the former Ties districts. Murray moved, Olson seconded to adjourn. UC Respectfully submitted by Mark Koland, Clerk ­­­­­­­­____________________________. 52

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