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Foreign exchange student studies at Heritage

The early October snow was exciting to some, including Maj-lyn Hahn. She is a foreign exchange student from Germany, spending the school year attending Heritage Christian School in Karlstad.

“When we had our first snow, I was so excited,” Hahn said. She built a snowman and sent photos to friends back home.

Hahn is 15 years old and is in tenth grade. Her hometown near Frankfurt is the only city in Germany with a skyscraper, so coming to northwestern Minnesota has been very different with the wide open space and longer roads. But she says, “I love it here.”

Her interest in studying in the United States was partly motivated by her desire to learn English better. Hahn started learning English in fifth grade and has continued taking classes with the English emphasis.

One of her English class options was a theater class, where they presented a play in English, which was the first of its kind at the 400-year-old school in Germany. Hahn has also studied French since seventh grade, choosing the language she thought she could use in her travels.

She was also inspired to study in the USA by her mom, who spent a year as an exchange student in Arizona.

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