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ASEC Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes – October 16, 2018

ASEC Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes – October 16, 2018 Chairman Kolness called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the Area Special Education Cooperative to order at 9:30 am at the East Grand Forks Public School Meeting Room, East Grand Forks, MN. Board Members present were Mike Kolness, Randy Bruer, Jim Guetter, Kevin Ricke, Chris Mills, Lon Jorgensen, Brian Clarke, William Walters, Shawn Yates, and Evan Hanson. Jim Hess was absent. Brian Opsahl from Brady-Martz. Cassey Hyde, Julie Aumock, and Judd Fredstrom were also in attendance. MONTHLY FINANCE REPORTS: Motion bv Jorsensen. seconded bv Bruer to approve the Seotember 18, 2018 board meeting minutes as presented – UC motion by Walters. seconded by Hanson to approve the agenda as modified adding Action Item “K. Allocating ASEC staff saleries back to districts.” 9 voted in favor, 1 against, Motion carried. Motion by Mills, seconded bv Walters to approve the September 2018 bill run totaling $30,740.14 includine check numbers 42644-42707. the Financial Report ending September 30, 2018. and the Exnenditure/Revenue Renort ending September 30, 2018. UC REPORTS AND DISCUSSION: Opsahl presented the audit findings and Aumock presented the budget. Aumock told members that an insurance claim had been filed regarding the 4038 settlement. She recommended that ASEC allocate staff salaries back to the districts for the FY 18 school year. State dollars that have already been paid to ASEC FYl9 would need to be returned. Norman County East will also receive the allocation of their share of the staff salaries for FY 18. Fredstrom commented that Due Process monitoring begins October 24th and that a three year plan and been established to view and update computers for ASEC staff. Mills reported on the progress in the separation agreement with former director Jones. Board supported a proposal that allowed for Jones to choose from two options. Mills acknowledged the receipt of the ASEC staff letter of intent to negotiate. ACTTON ITEMS: Motion bv Walters, seconded by Yates to give Fredstrom Credit Card Authority. UC Motion bv Walters, seconded hv Ricke to approve an 18-19 contract with Sheila Merzer for Behavior Consulting. UC Motion by Walters, seconded by Clark to approve the 18-19 Seniority List. UC Motion by Mills. seconded by Ricke to accept the Letter of Intent to Negotiate from the ASEC Staff. UC Motion by Mills, seconded by Ricke to approve the Assurance of Compliance with State and Federal Law Prohibiting Discrimination. UC Motion by Jorgensen, seconded bv Yates to hire Brenda Ackerson as the Assistant Director with slaray of $98,500. UC Motion by Hanson, seconded by Guetter to spend Federal Flow-Through IDEA Part B Sec. 611; IDEA Part B Sec. 619 Preschool; IDEA Part B Sec. 611 Low Income; IDEA Part C (Ages 0-2) Program funds jointly in the Cooperative for the 2018/2019 school vear. UC Motion by Bruer, seconded by Mills to grant the request made by Norman County East to allocate ASEC staff costs to them for FY 18. UC The 18-19 Budget approval was tabled until the November meeting. Motion by Jorgensen, seconded by Mills to approve the 17-18 audit. UC Motion bv Guetter, seconded by Walters to approve allocating tlze ASEC staff salaries back to the districts. UC The next meeting was scheduled for November 20, 2018 in East Grand Forks. Motion by Ricke, seconded by Mills adjourn the meeting at 11:30 a.m. UC Judd Fredstrom, Administrative Director Evan Hanson, Governing Board Clerk (November 28, 2018)

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