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ASEC Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2018

ASEC Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2018 Chairman Kolness called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the Area Special Education Cooperative to order at 9:30 am at the East Grand Forks Public School Meeting Room , East Grand Forks , MN. Board Members present were Mike Kolne ss, Randy Bruer , Jim Guetter , Kevin Ricke , Chris Mills , Lon Jorgensen, Brian Clarke, William Walters, Shawn Yates, and Evan Hanson. Jim Hess was absent. Julie Aumock, Judd Fredstrom, Brenda Ackerson , and Becky Conati were also in attendance. MONTHLY FINANCE REPORTS: Motion by Ricke, seconded by Hanson to approve the October 16, 2018 board meeting minutes as presented. UC Motion by Yates, seconded by Bruer to approve the agenda as modified adding Action Items “c. IoWA designation” and “d. Correction to 8/21/18 minutes from .20 FTE to .40 FTE in regard to OT services with the NW RIC.” UC Motion by Bruer, seconded by Mills to approve the October 2018 bill run totaling $84,662.16 including check numbers 42708-42788, the Financial Report ending October 31, 2018, and the Expenditure/Revenue Report ending October 31, 2018. REPORTS AND DISCUSSION: Aumock reported that she and the finance manager met with Brady Martz representatives to discuss the audit. The budget needed to have the federal award amount changed to reflect dollars that the co-op intends to be spent rather than what is available to spend. She also gave a SEDRA update. Fredstrom told members how the Due Process Monitoring process will work this year with directors going to the districts to enter data online from their site. Ackerson updated members on trainings she had attended along with future trainings that she is planning for the speech personnel in the co-op. She is also in the process of reporting early childhood outcomes for the 17-18 school year . She relayed information to members regarding tuition support for district staff. Mills reported that the ASEC negotiating team would be meeting with the ASEC teachers after the board meeting. The separation agreement with Jones is still being negotiated. ACTION ITEMS: Motion by Walters, seconded by Mills to approve the Office Lease with the Warren-Alvarado-Oslo School District for Ackerson for $3,000 for the 18-19 school year. UC Motion by Hanson, seconded by Clarke to approve the 18-19 ASEC Budget as presented with $3,153,332 expenditure and $3,169,867 revenue. Motion by Guetter, seconded by Walters to approve Designation o(Identified Official with Authority for the MDE External User Access Recertification System. UC The Minnesota Department o(Education (MDE) requires that school districts annually designate an Identified Official with Authority to comply with State Access Control Security Standard 1.0 which states that all user access rights to Minnesota state systems must be reviewed and recertified at least annually. The Identified Official with Authority will assign iob duties and authorize external user’s access to MDE secure systems for their local education agency (LEA). The Director recommends the Board authorize Julie Aumock to act as the Identified Official with Authority (IOwA) and Shawn Egeland to add and remove names only for the Area Special Education Cooperative 0997-52. Motion by Jorgensen, seconded by Ricke to amend the August 21, 2018 minutes as presented changing the OT contract with NW RIC from .2 FTE to .4 FTE. UC The next meeting was scheduled for December 18, 2018 in East Grand Forks. Motion by Yates, seconded by Ricke to adiourn the meeting at 10:30 a.m. UC Becky Conati, Administrative Assistant Evan Hanson, Governing Board Clerk (December 26, 2018)

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