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GMR recognizes board member Jeff Nelson

Greenbush School site

Board member Jeff Nelson made the motion to adjourn the December 17, 2018 Greenbush-Middle River School Board meeting, putting an official end to his term– barring any special board meetings– after he decided not to run for re-election this past November.
Prior to this adjourn motion, Superintendent Tom Jerome and fellow board members expressed their appreciation for Nelson’s nine years of board member service to the Greenbush-Middle River School District.
Jerome first expressed appreciation for Nelson’s respectful, even-keeled and calm demeanor, and his commitment to the district.
“Your commitment to our kids, it’s always been about our kids, always,” Jerome said. “… With any committee or any school board, there have been some times that have been pretty great, pretty smooth, pretty happy, and some other times where we’ve had to focus on our students because the rest has been at times challenging. So, I will miss you as a school board member and our working relationship with our board.”
After several board members thanked Nelson, he said you’re welcome and then this, “I’d love to say it’s all been a pleasure, but that would be a lie,” drawing chuckles from fellow board members.
He later continued, “… There’s been some challenging things, but there’s been some really rewarding things too. So, it’s, I guess, part of what we signed on for when we did this, so that’s the way it is.”
Nelson has sat on several committees during his time on the board, such as the negotiations committee with certified staff, non-certified staff compensation committee, and buildings facilities committee. He also attended the Minnesota School Board Association annual conference multiple times.
Fellow board member Carrie Jo Howard expressed her appreciation for Nelson.
“I really admire you and how you have to, I’m sure, at times, walk a tight rope between your profession (as an investigator at the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office) and what you do here,” Howard said. “And you do it professionally, and I really admire that.”
Jerome expressed more appreciation for Nelson.
“On behalf of our administrative team and our staff members, and our school district,” Jerome said. “… I want to thank you for your service and we will not, you will not drift away.”
Before the board moved on, Nelson said, “I might come back from time to time to keep you all in line.”
Elected this past November, Allison Harder will officially assume the board seat left by Nelson in January.
To see the complete GMR School Board story, read the December 26 issue of The Tribune in print or online


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