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SUMMARY PROCEEDINGS OF THE JANUARY 8, 2019 ROSEAU COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING The Board of Commissioners of Roseau County, Minnesota met in the Courthouse in the City of Roseau, Minnesota on Tuesday, January 8, 2019. CALL TO ORDER The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Commissioner Jack Swanson. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Commissioners present were Roger Falk, John Horner, Jack Swanson, Russell Walker and Daryl Wicklund. Others present were Martie Monsrud, Jeff Pelowski, Joleen Kezar, Brian Ketring, Judge Donna Dixon, Kristy Kjos, Diane Gregerson, Pam Grand, Liz Lund, Steve Gust, Tracy Halstensgard, Jeff Olsen, Larry Guggisberg, Ryan Murray, Kyle Larson, Kyle Lyytinen, Garner Eeg, Scott Johnson, Brad Blawat, Pam Pearson, Wayne Pearson, Colleen Hoffman, Troy Pearson, and Cyndi Pearson. SWEARING IN CEREMONY Commissioners Roger Falk, John Horner, and Daryl Wicklund, along with Auditor Martie Monsrud, Treasurer Diane Gregerson, Recorder Pam Grand, Sheriff Steve Gust, and Attorney Kristy Kjos, were all administered their oath of office by Judge Donna Dixon. ELECTION OF OFFICERS Coordinator Pelowski called for nominations for Chair of the Roseau County Board for 2019. Commissioner Falk nominated Commissioner Swanson as Chair. Coordinator Pelowski called for further nominations. A motion to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Commissioner Swanson was made by Commissioner Falk, seconded by Commissioner Walker and carried unanimously. The meeting was turned over to Chair Swanson. Chair Swanson called for nominations for Vice-Chair. A motion to nominate Commissioner Falk as Vice-Chair was made by Commissioner Walker, seconded by Commissioner Wicklund, and carried unanimously. APPROVAL OF AGENDA A discussion concerning County snowplowing and grading was added to County Board Items, an amendment to the December 11th Proceedings was added to the Consent Agenda, and 2019 Publishing Bids were added to Department Reports. The Board approved the amended Agenda. COMMENTS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Coordinator Pelowski mentioned that an Open House retirement party for Lee Meier, long time Executive Director of the Northwest MN Multi-County Housing & Redevelopment Authority, will be Friday, January 11th in Crookston. On behalf of the Board, Commissioner Swanson will be presenting a Letter of Recognition at the Open House. Commissioner Swanson noted that long-time Minnesota legislator and St. Louis County Commissioner Tom Rukavina passed away yesterday. APPROVE BILLS The Board approved the payment of bills totaling: $655,476.02 DELEGATIONS/BOARD APPOINTMENTS/PUBLIC COMMENTS Powerline Project Update Kyle Larson and Kyle Lyytinen from MN Power met with the Board to provide an update on the progress of the construction of their Powerline Project. Roseau County will have a total of 79 towers. The foundations are currently being constructed and the towers and guide wires will be going up this winter. The expected completion date is mid-2020. CONSENT AGENDA The Board, by adoption of its Consent Agenda, approved the December 26, 2018, Board Proceedings; approved the revision of the December 11, 2018, Board Proceedings to correct the ending warrant number; approved the 2019 Mileage Expense Reimbursement Rate; set the 2019 Meal Expense reimbursement rate; set the 2019 Pocket Gopher Bounty; set the 2019 Beaver Bounty; authorized the Auditor to pay routine bills; and authorized Veterans Service Officer Martin Howes to exceed his 2019 Budget in order to purchase a vehicle for his Department. DEPARTMENT REPORTS Auditor Road Exchange – Resolution Revision Auditor Monsrud requested the Board rescind Resolution 2018-11-01, previously adopted on November 27, 2018, as the incorrect Section numbers were listed for the County portion of the exchanged road. The Board rescinded Resolution 2018-11-01 and approved Resolution 2019-01-03 with the corrected Section numbers of 9,10,15,16, 21 & 22 for the County portion of the Skagen Township Road Exchange. Official County Newspaper Sealed bids were received, per advertised notice, for 2019 publishing. Bids were presented by Auditor Martha Monsrud as follows: 1) OFFICIAL COUNTY NEWSPAPER; Publication of the County Board Proceedings, all legal notices of the County, first publication of the 2018 Financial Statement Summary pursuant to M.S. §375.17, and List of Delinquent Taxes, all pursuant to M.S. §375.12, 375.17, 279.05, 279.07, 279.08, and 279.09, in 2018. The Tribune —1.35 per column inch Roseau Times-Region —3.00 per column inch 2) Second publication of the 2018 Financial Statement Summary pursuant to M.S. §375.17. The Tribune —1.35 per column inch Roseau Times-Region —3.00 per column inch The Board approved the following Resolutions: 2019-01-04 BE IT RESOLVED, that The Tribune be designated as the Official County Newspaper to publish the County Board Proceedings, all legal notices of the County, first publication of the 2018 Financial Statement Summary pursuant to M.S. §375.17, and List of Delinquent Taxes, all pursuant to M.S. §375.12, 375.17, 279.05, 279.07, 279.08, and 279.09, at the rate of $1.35 per column inch. 2019-01-05 BE IT RESOLVED, that the Roseau Times-Region be designated to publish the second publication of the 2018 Financial Statement Summary, pursuant to M.S. §375.17, at the rate of $3.00 per column inch. COUNTY BOARD ITEMS Roseau River Water Trail – Resolution of Support The Board discussed the Roseau River Water Trail. After discussion, The Board approved the following Resolution: 2019-01-02 RESOLUTION SUPPORTING REGIONAL PARK OR TRAIL DESIGNATION APPLICATION IN GREATER MINNESOTA: BE IT RESOLVED that Roseau County, as joint applicant, has the authority to act as legal public sponsor for the application described in the Request for Designation as a Regional Park or Trail in Greater Minnesota. As joint applicant, Roseau County formally supports and authorizes the lead applicant’s (City of Roseau) submission on behalf of the partnership; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that as joint applicants we are fully aware of the information provided in the application and associated responsibilities, including long-term commitments as defined in the application and related master plan and supporting information as submitted; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, should the Roseau River Water Trail receive formal designation as a Regional park or trail in Greater Minnesota by the Commission, the joint applicants have the legal authority to enter into formal designation and funding agreements with the Commission for the referenced park or trail; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Roseau County certifies they will comply with all applicable laws and regulations associated with regional designation and any future grant funding for their respective portions of any project. 2019 County Commissioner Committee Assignments The Board reviewed and approved the 2019 Committee Appointments. A full list of Committee Appointments is available on the Roseau County website. County Snowplowing and Road Grading Wayne and Pam Pearson from Falun Township met with the Board to discuss their concern that County-wide snowplowing and road grading has deteriorated. They are concerned about getting to work and emergency services being able to reach them. Scott Johnson, Falun Township Board member, also participated in this discussion. Engineer Ketring pointed out that the County workload has increased as three Townships that previously had contractors doing the plowing and grading now contract with the County. Brad Blawat, Barto Township Board member, stated that the Township has received a lot of complaints concerning County blading services. He stated that there are times when vehicles are unable to travel down some of the Township roads. Engineer Ketring stated that the County has received complaints also and they appreciate when they get calls outlining specific incidents so they can try to correct the issue. To support the claim for an increased workload, Engineer Ketring provided a handout indicating summer and winter equipment availability. He pointed out that they have had some equipment breakdown(s), and that adding equipment would definitely help. Commissioner Walker mentioned that traffic on County Road 42 has more than doubled, with a car count of more than 200 per day. In addition, he stated that traffic has increased significantly on roads in the Skime area and those adjacent to Beltrami Island State Forest. Commissioner Wicklund commented that in his district a lot of land has come out of CRP so there is more truck traffic due to increased agricultural traffic. Commissioner Falk also commented on the increased size of farm equipment and that the roads can’t handle the large equipment. In short, it was agreed that Township roads need to be bladed more often. Engineer Ketring stated that adding a motor grader would help with both winter and summer road maintenance. If they ordered one now, they would not receive it until spring. There was no Board action taken. In addition, the Township Board members in attendance requested better communication from the County on why or when blading is scheduled. Engineer Ketring asked them to come in or call if they have concerns/questions. Commissioner Committee Reports (December 26 – January 8) The Commissioner Committee Reports were deferred to the January 22nd County Board Meeting. Upon motion carried, the Board adjourned the meeting at 11:05 a.m. The next Regular meeting of the Board is scheduled for January 22, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.

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