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Cat survives 42 days of harsh Minnesota winter weather

Snuzface is now safe and sound, and back home! (submitted photo)


When Nancy and Denny Andol of Roseau brought their cat, “Snuzface”, to the Greenbush Veterinary Clinic for a rabies shot little did they think he wouldn’t be returning home with them. It was December 13, 2018.
“The only other time he had been in a cage was quite a while ago,” Denny said.  “When I came to get him he went wild.  I had to corner him in the shed to catch him.”
Nancy added, “We live in an area where there is a lot of wildlife … skunks, mink, coyotes … I said there was no way he wasn’t getting a shot.”
Once at clinic, Denny ‘tipped’ the cage in a position that allowed Dr. Mattson to administer the shot to Snuzface.  Immediately taking him back to the car, much to Denny’s surprise this kitty cat jumped out of the cage and off he went. Evidently the cage door hadn’t latched properly.
Nancy remarked, “We felt just horrible!  It was already winter and he had never been outside during winter nights.”
Forty-two days later, on January 24, 2019, Jenny (Schmiederberg) spotted Snuzface outside the clinic! Hurriedly placing a container of canned cat food just inside the clinic door she had hopes this would draw his attention. And that it did!
“When he saw it, he came in,” Jenny stated.  “Lisa (Vacura) grabbed him and put in a kennel.”
“He must have known he was running out of time because he went back to Dr. Mattson’s,” Dennis laughed.
Nancy further remarked, “When we came to get him we were leery if this really was Snuzface; he had lost a lot of weight.  But when he started meowing we knew it was him!
“I know God had a hand in this … I had prayed and prayed every day that he (Snuzface) would come back to us again!”
Once back at home Snuzface and his mother enjoyed a purrrr-fectly delightful reunion!  All is well once more.
To see the complete story, read the February 20 issue of The Tribune in print or online. A video highlighting this story is also available in the video section on the home page. 

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