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Well-kept secret becomes wonderful story

Rural Lake Bronson resident Miriam (Vagle) Juhl had a secret. In 1965, at age 23, while unmarried and living and working in Minneapolis, she gave birth to a daughter whom she placed for adoption. She told her secret to her brother and sister-in- law and the Lake Bronson man, Leland Juhl, whom she later married. Her parents, friends, children, and other relatives, however, had no idea she carried an untold story.

“Guilty, ashamed, embarrassed,” are words Miriam uses to describe her feelings during her first pregnancy.

“I knew a marriage to him would be a disaster and would not last,” she says of the baby’s father with whom she says she was “not in love.”

“It was important to me that my baby had a good home with a mother and father,” she says in explaining why she decided she must give the baby up for adoption.

“I did not expect to have any feelings for the baby,” she admits, adding, “The moment I gave birth, it all changed. I fell in love the minute she was born.”

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