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GREENBUSH MIDDLE RIVER SCHOOL INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT 2683 REGULAR MEETING February 19, 2019 7:30 PM (Greenbush Middle River School Library) 1. Call to Order at 7:38 P.M. 2. Roll Call 2. 1. Roll Call: Carrie Jo Howard, Brandon Kuznia, Joseph Melby, Kurt Stenberg, Laurie Stromsodt, Allison Harder Absent: Shane Kilen 2. 2. Administration: Tom Jerome OTHER ATTENDEES: Jina Lund, Cooky Kujava, Chad Cater, Arlette Pearson, Gary Pearson, Bev Klegstad, Cathy Schenkey, Luke Novacek, Carol Rhen, Tara Kern, Mary Stauffeneckr, Verna Flaten, Karlenn Thompson, Dave Thompson, Brian Burkel, Brad Berg, Ryan Bergeron 3. Approval of Agenda 3. 1. A motion was made by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Allison Harder and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the agenda of the February 19th, 2019 Regular Board Meeting as presented. 4. Minutes 4. 1. A motion was made by Carrie Jo Howard, seconded by Kurt Stenberg and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the minutes of the preceding regular meeting of January 22nd, 2019. 5. Business Services 5. 1. A motion was made by Joe Melby, seconded by Laurie Stromsodt and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education approves the payment of bills check #35802 through check #35890 for a total of $122,783.38 and Purchasing Card electronic payments dated January 4th, 2019 and Electronic Funds Transfers as submitted. 5. 2. Treasurer’s Report 6. Reports 6. 1. Listening Session Arlette Pearson requested that the recent Audit of GMR School District conducted by Eide Bailly be published on the school’s website. Supt. Jerome indicated that this would be done Dave Thompson, representing “Middle River Based land owners” presented 306 petitioners (which he indicated represented 70 to 75% of the total petitions coming) requesting to be annexed out of the GMR School District. The petitions consist of a “two-page petition document with signature page”. Mr. Thompson also relayed a request by Fritz Knaak, attorney representing the group of petitioning landowners, to be added to the March 18th GMR School Board Regular Meeting Agenda. A representation of this group met with Marshall County Commissioners on 2/19/19 and during this meeting, the Marshall County Commissioners scheduled a Public Meeting to be held on April 9, 2019 at 6:00 PM to hear Public Comment regarding these annexation requests. Mr. Thompson indicated that they were presenting these petitions so that the GMR Board would have a month to review and ultimately approve the annexation requests at the March Meeting. Board Member Stromsodt asked Mr. Thompson about the timeline to secure the annexation to which Mr. Thompson outlined that both the GMR School Board and the MCC School Board would have to approve the petitions to annex out of the District and then the matter would go to the Marshall County Commissioners. Board Member Stromsodt also asked what the group planned to do if the Board voted against these individuals annexing out of the school district, to which Mr. Thompson responded that the group is intent on leaving and would be willing to take the matter to District Court and have a Judge decide. Questions were also asked about how land must adjoin and what gaps are there currently in the land petitioning to leave the District. Board Member Howard asked Mr. Thompson about whether or not a concentrated effort had been made to secure these petitions, namely repeated phone calls to land owners. Mr. Thompson said that there was not a concentrated effort other than phone calls following up on land-owner requests, radio ads to let people know they could come to The Wheel in Middle River at a specified time to sign the petitions and a sign on main street. Mr. Thompson indicated that there was no group organized to secure these petitions and people had not been approached other than those needed to make sure his land could leave the district or people who had first approached him. After being questioned on a “concentrated effort to secure the petitions, Mr. Thompson read an email sent by Board Member Howard last April regarding contacting individuals to speak about closing the GMR Building in Middle River. 6. 2. Clay Busters : Luke Novacek Gator Clay Buster team to once again participate in the fastest growing High School Sport in the Country. Gator teammates and Coaches to be quoted in upcoming Times Magazine article 6. 3. Math League : Tara Kern Math League has advanced to State Competition 7. Communications 7. 1. Superintendent 7. 1. a. Greenbush Middle River School District Enrollment • As of February 14, 2019: Greenbush Middle River School District enrollment is: 284 • Enrollment in February 2018 K-12 : 320 • *See attached 7. 1. b. Buildings and Grounds • Dust Collection System 7. 1. c. 2018 – 2019 Greenbush Middle River School District Budget Revision • Review of the revised projected 2018 – 2019 • School District Budget • Budget details projected Expenditures and Revenues for FY 19 • *see attached documents 7. 1. d. Greenbush Middle River School District Budget to Actual expenditure report • As requested by board member, document will be provided on monthly basis. • Budget consists of 6 fund balances: o 01 General Fund o 02 Food Service o 04 Community Services o 07 Debt Redemption o 08 Scholarships o 09 Student Activities • *see attached 7. 1. e. Minnesota School Board Recognition Week • February 18th – 22nd • Minnesota School Board members manage approximately 2,000 schools within Minnesota • School Board member responsibilities include : Facilities, State and Federal Mandates, Staffing, Activities, Finance, Curriculum, Policy, Negotiations, etc. • Minnesota School Board members make decisions that affect more than 52,000 teachers and thousands of administrators and support staff. • Minnesota School Board members oversee school district budgets that fund education programs for more than 825,000 students in Minnesota. 7. 1. f. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America • Also known as FCCLA • Advisor is Mrs. Laura Dahl • FCCLA students recently competed at regional level in Kelliher • State FCCLA Conference will occur March 27th-30th in Bloomington, MN • 14 members competed in 15 events • 14 members have qualified for state! • Morgan Reed “Food Innovations” The Right Kind of Crisp (Gold) Chance Christian “Entrepreneurship” Gator Sno-FunShoppe (Gold) Elizabeth Gust “Career Investigation” Musician (Silver) Ty Christian “Career Investigation” Financial Management (Silver) Bella Burkel “Illustrated Talk” New Beginnings (Gold) Sierra Westberg “Illustrated Talk” Oh Deer Please Come Here (Gold) • Hannah Bergsnev and Honna Westlund “Illustrated Talk” Small Town Big Hearts (Gold) • Vincent Stenberg “Illustrated Talk” 1 Billion Acres Strong (Gold) • MeganWilliamson “Illustrated Talk” No Meat November (Gold) • Kamryn Brandon “Illustrated Talk” Suffered Long Enough (Gold) • Brooklyn Wahl “Illustrated Talk” Living Without Limbs (Gold) • Berlyn Burkel “Illustrated Talk” More Than Words (Gold) • John Novacek “Everyday Equations”* (Gold) • Elizabeth Gust “Talent”* Piano • Morgan Reed “vocal”* Sunflower • *Categories not eligible to advance to National Conference • National FCCLA Conference is located in Anaheim, California late June/Early July 7. 1. g. Regional Spelling Bee Elizabeth Gust advanced to Spelling Bee competition in Thief River Falls • Elizabeth has qualified and will participate in Spelling Bee contest on February 19th in Fergus Falls, MN • The winner will advance to National Spelling Bee competition • Elizabeth is the Daughter of Ervin and Mara Gust 7. 1. h. Data Access Policy (First Reading) 7. 1. i. Policy 406 Private and Public Personnel Data (Revision) 8. Principal Report 8. 1. Principal Schultz • Wrestling Team advances to State Competition • Charter Bus will be available for fans to ride to watch the team competition • Girls Basketball 9. Proposed Resolutions February 19th, 2019 9. 1. A motion was made by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Carrie Jo Howard, and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED the Board of Education of District 2683 approve the revised 2018 – 2019 budget as presented. 9. 2. A motion was made by Allison Harder, seconded by Kurt Stenberg, and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of District 2683 accept the following donation(s). • Wikstrom Telephone Company, Inc. to Greenbush Middle River School $5,967.00 • Central Boiler to FIRST Robotics $500.00 • Co Op Service West to FIRST Robotics $500.00 • DK Farms Inc to FIRST Robotics $1,000.00 • Greenbush Pharmacy to FIRST Robotics $250.00 • Greenbush Ace Hardware to FIRST Robotics $500.00 • Greenbush Veterinary Clinic to FIRST Robotics $1,000.00 • Northwestern Manufacturing Association to FIRST Robotics $500.00 • Oren’s Auto Parts Inc. to FIRST Robotics $400.00 • Rodney Langaas Memorial (Shirley Langaas) to FIRST Robotics $200.00 • Roseau County Coop Association to FIRST Robotics $500.00 • Shane and Kara Nelson to FIRST Robotics $100.00 • Top Notch to FIRST Robotics $150.00 • North Country Horsemen to FCCLA $100.00 10. Adjournment Motion: Carrie Jo Howard Second: Kurt Stenberg 11. Communications • Regular School Board Meeting – March 18 , 7:30 p.m. at Greenbush (March 20, 2019)

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