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Fourth annual bull sale held at Waage Farms March 30

Dana Didrikson and his son, Bennie, of Badger, Minn., were among the over 100 people attending the bull auction at the Waage Farms location. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

Shown left to right are: Alex Anderson, who is standing next to his boss, Chad Zehnder, Ryan Waage, and Ross Waage. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

Seated at the auctioneer’s platfom are: Sydney Zehnder (Chad’s daughter); Auctioneer Dennis Metzger, and Chad Zehnder. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

Shown are some of the Charolais bulls (forefront) and Red Angus bulls that prospect buyers were able view at the Annual Bull Sale held at the Waage Farms location on Saturday, March 30. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

About eight years ago at a Purina Feed meeting, brothers Ryan Waage of Greenbush and Ross Waage of Strathcona, happened to meet up with Chad Zehnder of Stanchfield, Minn.

“After we got to know each other well, we found out that Chad was in the Charolais (cattle) business,” Ross Waage said. “Basically, how we got involved was I called Chad and asked if he would ever run into a good Charolais cow to let us know. About a year later he called saying he had found one and we purchased that cow together.

“Around five years ago we decided to go into a 50/50 partnership.”

On Saturday, March 30, at 5:00 p.m., the fourth annual Zehnder Waage (ZW) Partnership bull sale was held at the Waage Farms location southeast of Greenbush.

On this day, forty-five prized Charolais and eight Red Angus purebred registered bulls were in pens for viewing on both sides of the walkway leading to the sale facility. Prior to this time the bulls were available for viewing at Waage’s Strathcona location.

This sale was “top shelf” … fifty-three bulls were sold on an average of one every two-three minutes!

A week before the auction, videos of the bulls were taken by DV Auction, one of the largest internet sales companies in the nation. The videos were available on

Inside Waage Farms sale facility were two huge screens, one on each side of the auctioneer platform, that showed each of the bulls as they were being auctioned off. Bidding could be done online or by those in attendance which numbered over 100.

The bulls went to the states of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, California, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

Ryan commented, “We are very happy with the sales and the turnout.”

A complimentary supper of spaghetti, bread sticks, desserts, and refreshments was served following the auction.

To see the complete story, read the April 10 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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