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Minnesota in Vietnam presented by Arn Kind at Greenbush Public Library April 9

Pictured with Arn Kind is GMR student Garrett Undeberg who is outfitted with military “web gear”. The web gear included 5-10 canteens of water, hand grenades, bandoliers containing ammo and magazines, C-rations, trenching shovel, helmet, rifle, machete, and more. The average weight carried by infantrymen in Vietnam was approximately 85 pounds. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

These students were learning about the “Manual of Arms” – the proper handling and using of weapons in formation, whether in the field or on parade. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

On Tuesday, April 9, at the Greenbush Public Library, guest speaker Arn Kind made history come alive when he shared a brand new, very interesting presentation, “Minnesota in Vietnam”.

Among those in the audience were students from GMR, Badger, and Karlstad schools.

Kind spoke about the commitment of five American presidents, the rising antiwar movement at home, and eventually the withdrawal from Vietman – from a war that was never declared.

“We lost the war because of politics – not because of the brave soldiers who were sent there to risk their lives,” Kind said. “When our soldiers came home they were treated like dirt … like garbage.”

He noted 58,220 Americans died in this war; approximately 1,075 were from Minnesota.

From Mankato, Minn., Mr. Kind retired after 36 years of teaching and now spends his time bringing presentations to students and adults of all ages.

His appearance at the Greenbush Library was made possible by the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment.

Read this story also in the April 17 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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