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GREENBUSH MIDDLE RIVER SCHOOL/Proceedings March 18, 2019

March 18, 2019
7:30 PM (Greenbush)

1.   TCall to Order at 7:35 P.M.  T
2.   TRoll Call  T
2. 1.   TRoll Call: Shane Kilen, Brandon Kuznia, Carrie Jo Howard, Joseph Melby, Kurt Stenberg, Laurie Stromsodt.  Allison Harder, absent  T
2. 2.   TAdministration: Tom Jerome, Sharon Schultz, Amie Westberg
Other Attendees:  Arlette Pearson, Gary Pearson, Verna Flaten, David Johnson, Terry Howard, Debra Koebernick, Chad Cater, Dave Thompson, Karleen Thompson, Lois Anderson, Trevor Peterson, Lois Peterson, Bev Klegstad, Cathy Schenkey, MB? (Illegible), Brad Berg, Dave Stanelle, Russ Anderson, Mary Anderson, Mark Stromsodt, Ervin Gust, Elizabeth Gust, Kara Nelson, Mary Kuznia, Jina Lund, Cooky Kujava, Troy Stauffenecker, Mary Stauffenecker, Brittany Burkel, Brian Burkel, Jake Thompson, Jake Efta, Fritz Knaak, Ryan Bergeron, Brad Dahl, Kevin Roppe, Andrew Rood,  T
3.   TListening Session
Mary Stauffenecker asked board members who have signed petitions to annex their property out of the school district if they felt it was a “conflict of interest” to continue to serve on the Board of a School District which you are asking to leave?  Board member Stromsodt indicated that she had not signed a petition, that it was signed by her son.  Board member Melby responded that “If you’re doing what’s best for the District, I’m still in the District”.  He further stated that in the last election, “Majority votes for me” and that Ms. Stauffenecker had even told him he was a good board member.   T
4.   TApproval of Agenda  T
4. 1.   TA motion was made by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Carrie Jo Howard and UC  that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the agenda of the March 18th, 2019 Regular Board Meeting as amended.  T
5.   TMinutes  T
5. 1.   TA motion was made by Carrie Jo Howard, seconded by Brandon Kuznia, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the minutes of the preceding regular meeting of February 19th, 2019.  Board member Stromsodt felt that a list of petitioners should not have been posted on the school’s web page and as such voted against approval of the Minutes.  Vote: 5 – Aye, 1 – Nay  T
6.   TBusiness Services  T
6. 1.   TA motion was made Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Joe Melby and UC  that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education approves the payment of bills check #35891 through check #36012 for a total of $196,849.78 and Purchasing Card electronic payments dated February 5th, 2019 and Electronic Funds Transfers as submitted.  T
6. 2.   TTreasurer’s Report  T
7.   TReports  T
7. 1.   TListening Session – No further discussion regarding Ms. Stauffenecker’s comments.  T
7. 2.   TFIRST Robotics
Advisor Mary Anderson gave a brief rundown of Gator Robotics during the 2018/’2019 school year – Robotics is in 6th year, GMR Robotics won Great Northern Regional along with other Awards (Safety, Quality) and will advance to the World’s competition in Detroit in April.  GMR Robotics has recently received a Northwest MN Grant for “Scouting computers” as well as a grant from the Michael Gust Foundation.  T
7. 3.   TMiddle River Annexation Committee Representative (s)
Attorney Fritz Knaak, representing the Middle River Annexation Committe presented another approximate 70 petitions from land owners wishing to annex out of the GMR School District and join the MCC School District.  Members of this Committee have met with Marshall County Commissioners who have scheduled a Public Hearing for Tuesday, April 9th at 6:00 pm in Warren where Marshall County Board Members will hear public comment regarding the possible annexation of Marshall County Residents.  Mr. Knaak told the board, “We are asking for your approval” to accept and vote in favor of this annexation.  He also told the board that this Committee is “still collecting names” and plans to have more petitions to submit for Board approval.  Following Mr. Knaak’s presentation, Board members discussed at length, the consequences of voting in favor of granting approval of these annexations.  Supt. Jerome presented financial information regarding the potential annexation.  Board members asked if there was any forseeable savings in granting this annexation, tax increase for remaing residents, ability to pass future referendums, potential loss of other aid, Dept of Education recommendations.  A motion was made by Joe Melby, seconded by Laurie Stromsodt that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of District 2683 draft a Resolution to allow Annexation of Petitioners.  A Roll Call Vote was taken with the following results:  Stenberg – No, Melby – Yes, Howard – No, Kilen – No, Kuznia – No, Stromsodt – Yes.  Resolution fails.  T
8.   TCommunications  T
8. 1.   TSuperintendent  T
8. 1. a.   TGreenbush Middle River School District Enrollment
• As of March 13 2019: Greenbush Middle River School District enrollment is:  284
• Enrollment in March 15, 2018 K-12 : 318
• *See attached  T
8. 1. b.  Buildings and Grounds
•  TRemove Snow from Rooftop of School
•  TQuotes for New Gym Floor
•  TDust Collection System  T
8. 1. c.   TAnnexation Petition List and Middle River Annexation Committee Letter   T
8. 1. d.  Greenbush Middle River School District Budget to Actual expenditure report
• As requested by board member, document will be provided on monthly basis.
• Budget consists of 6 fund balances:
o  01 General Fund
o  02 Food Service
o  04 Community Services
o  07 Debt Redemption
o  08 Scholarships
o  09 Student Activities
• *see attached  T
8. 1. e.   TGreenbush Middle River 2019 – 2020 Academic Calendar
•  TCalendar will be presented to staff members as well as board members prior to April meeting
• Calendar will be presented for board approval during April meeting  T
8. 1. f.   TGreenbush Middle River 2018-2019 Academic Calendar
• Review of existing school calendar which was approved by board last year as well as approved by Greenbush Middle River Education Association
•  TDiscussion regarding recent proposed legislation  T
8. 1. g.   T”Snow Day Relief” Proposed Legislation
•  TThursday, March 7, the Senate passed their “Snow Day Relief” bill by a vote of 61-2
•  TThe Senate bill allows school boards to count any time lost in the calculation of the required days and hours of instruction.
•  TDuring the floor debate, an amendment was adopted to include either allow employees the opportunity to work on another day or compensate employees for those days.
•  TSimilar language exists in a House bill.
•  TThe House Education Policy Committee passed the companion bill this week. However, the bill was amended to allow a school district that had instructional days scheduled for January 29, 30 or 31 but canceled one or more of those days to count those days as instructional days and included language to clarify that employees can either make up the day or be compensated.
•  TThe House was/is expected to vote on the bill Thursday (March 14).
•  TOnce the House passes their bill, differences will need to be resolved before a bill is headed to the Governor’s desk.
•  TStay tuned….  T
8. 1. h.   TGreenbush Middle River Book Fair
•  TOrganized and prepared primarily by Kari Tydlacka
•  TAll students in the district had opportunity to visit book fair.
•  TMarch 15th – 22nd
•  TBook Fair Goal: 375 books / $3,000.00 Book Sales  T
8. 1. i.   TFIRST Robotics / Great Northern Regional
•  TGreat Northern Regional FIRST Robotics
•  THeld in Grand Forks, ND
•  TMarch 14th – 16th  T
8. 1. j.   TGator Coach named Coach of the Year
•  THead Wrestling Coach Todd Bergeron named Section 8A Coach of the Year
•  TAssistant Wrestling Coach Efrem Novacek named Section 8A Assistant Coach of the Year
•  TAssistant Girls Basketball Coach Shane Kilen named Section 8 Assistant Coach of the Year  T
8. 1. k.   TData Access Policy   T
8. 1. l.   TPolicy 406 Private and Public Personnel Data (Revision)  T
9.   TPrincipal Report  T
9. 1.   TPrincipal Schultz
•  TState Wrestling
•  TBand & Choir Competition – Superior
•  TElementary Concert
•  TMusic Month in School
•  TWinter Sports
•  TMath League
•  TKnowledge Bowl
•  TRobotics
•  TClose Up Group
•  TFCCLA State Convention
•  TMSH Art Show
•  TDinner Theatre
•  TSpring Sports  T
10.   TProposed Resolutions March 18th, 2019  T
10. 1.   TA motion was made by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Laurie Stromsodt, and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of District 2683 accept the following donation(s).
Farmers Co Op Ag Service   FIRST ROBOTICS $500.00
Mattracks, inc FIRST ROBOTICS $1000.00
Anonymous FIRST ROBOTICS $1,000.00
Border State Bank Gator Wrestling Spectator Bus $250.00
American Heart Association GMR Elementary $100.00
Strathcona Community Club FCCLA $200.00
Border State Bank FCCLA $200.00
Thomas & Leatrice Kujava GMR Music Department $50.00
Terry and Carrie Jo Howard GMR Music Department $50.00
Middle River Sportsmen’s Club FCCLA $100.00.  T
10. 2.   TA motion was made by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Brandon Kuznia, and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of District 2683 approve the hiring of Linda Kelly as a paraprofessional.

10. 3.  A motion was made by Carrie Jo Howard, seconded by Kurt Stenberg, and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of District 2683 approve the revision of Policy 406 Private and Personnel Data.

10. 4.  A motion was made by Brandon Kuznia, seconded by Carrie Jo Howard, and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Edcation of District 2683 approve the Data Access Policy.

10.5.  A motion was made by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Carrie Jo Howard, and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of District 2683 accept the Resignation as Wrestling Head Coach by Todd Bergeron.

Upon a motion made by Carrie Jo Howard and seconded by Kurt Stenberg, the meeting was adjourned.

• Regular School Board Meeting – April 15th, 7:30 pm

(April 24, 2019)

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