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Minutes of Regular Meeting The Board of Trustees Badger ISD 676

Minutes of Regular Meeting
The Board of Trustees
Badger ISD 676
A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Badger ISD 676 was held Monday, April 8, 2019, beginning at 7:30 PM in the FACS Room.

1.     Call to Order at 7:35 P.M.
1. 1.     Roll Call: Jamie Isane, Jim Christianson, Carol Rhen, Jeramy Swenson, Curt Hauger
Absent: Cari Dostal
1. 2.     Administration: Tom Jerome and Stacey Warne
Absent: Shena Brandt
1. 3.     Department Manager absent: Jarod Magnusson
2.     Visitor Comments
2.1. First Robotics
The First Robotics team provided a presentation and shared their experiences with regional victories in Duluth and Grand Forks.  The team has setup a Go Fund Me page on Facebook to help fund the trip to the world competition in Detroit, Michigan April 23-27th.  The MSHSL State Tournament is Saturday, May18th.  Team 3750 is currently ranked third in the state. Team members of 3750 here to present are: Emma VonEnde, Jack Burkel, Avdyl Jasiqi, Aulona Jasiqi, and Kennedy Trucinski.
2. 2.     ExCEL Recognition
Mr. Jerome presented Kennedy Truscinski her ExCEL award during the board meeting as she was not available to make the award ceremony at the MSHSL state basketball tournaments.
3.     Approval of Agenda
3. 1.     A motion was made by Member Hauger, seconded by Member Rhen and UC  that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the agenda of the April 8th, 2019 Regular Board Meeting as presented/amended. U.C.
4.     Minutes
4. 1.     Recommended motion: Member Christianson moved to approve the minutes of the March 11th, 2019 Regular Board Meeting. Motion seconded by Member Swenson.
5.     Consent Agenda
5. 1.     Pay Bills: Motion by Member Rhen to approve the payment of bills check #59239 through check #59313 as listed, Purchasing Card electronic payments dated April 3rd, 2019 and Electronic Fund Transfers as submitted.  Motion seconded by Member Hauger.
6.     Communications
6. 1.     Superintendent
6. 1. a.     Building and Grounds
•    Gutters and sidewalks have taken a beating from salting/snow removal equipment and thaw/freeze cycle.
•    Board Member Hauger indicated that the student parking lot had a lot of standing water and could use some work.  The gravel is getting washed out on the north side of the bus garage.
6. 1. b.     Student Enrollment
• As of April 5th, 2019 : Badger Enrollment is: 217
• April 9th, 2018 : Badger Enrollment was: 231
• *see attached
6. 1. c.     Badger School District Budget To Actual Expenditure Report
As requested by board member, document will be provided on monthly basis.
• Budget consists of 4 fund balances:
o  01 General Fund
o  02 Food Service
o  04 Community Services
o  08 Scholarships
• *see attached
6. 1. d. Badger School District Academic Calendar Options 2019 – 2020
•    School Board and Badger Education Association will be presented 3 options
•    All options will include 172 instructional days
•    School Board will be asked to approve calendar during the May School Board Meeting
•    Mr. Jerome discussed concerns with potential conflict with Veterans Day Program and “Deer Monday” workshop day with the current calendar proposals.  The board discussed possible options to avoid the conflict.
•    Mr. Jerome will rework calendar options and meet with staff again before coming back to the May meeting with a recommendation that has a student day on Monday, November 11th.
•    All board Member agree that it is very important to have a Veterans Day Program and for students to perform.
6. 1. e.     Badger FIRST Robotics

•    Badger FIRST Robotics Team #3750 participated in Lake Superior Regional in Duluth March 7-9
•    Team 3750 finished in 2nd place after qualification rounds with an  8-1 record
•    As 2nd Place alliance captains Badger students selected Team 3102 Nevis Tech-No-Tigers and Team 5690 SubZero Robotics from Esko.
•    Team 3750 and alliance members emerged Lake Superior Regional CHAMPIONS upon completion of playoff rounds.
•    Other awards earned by Team 3750 include: The Industrial Design Award, The Safety Hard Hat Award and the 2nd place for Junkyard Robot creation
•    Team 3750 competed at The Great Northern Regional in Grand Forks (Wednesday – Saturday, March 13-16) and again emerged as Regional CHAMPIONS.
•    Team 3750 will compete in the following events:
•    The Minnesota State High School League FIRST Robotics State Championships (May 18th)
•    FIRST Robotics World Championships in Detroit Michigan (April 24th – 27th)
6. 1. f.     Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center
•    April 8th – 12th
•    Nineteen 7th grade students will attend
•    Mrs. Shannon Dostal is lead advisor
•    Member Rhen and Mrs. Lee will be making a visit to Wolf Ridge April 9-10th
•    *please see attached schedule of WR classes
6. 1. g.     “Snow Day Relief” proposed legislation
•    “Snow Relief” legislation has been signed into law by Governor Walz.
•    The legislation includes the following provisions:
•    A school board may count any days canceled due to health and safety concerns as instructional days for purposes of calculating the number of hours and days required by law.
•    This applies only to the 2018-19 school year.
•    The district must report to the commissioner the number of days and hours the district counted and are encouraged to adopt an e-learning day plan.
•    If a school board chooses to count a canceled day as an instructional day, the district must compensate employees and contract employers.
•    Instructional employees who were scheduled to work on a day that school was canceled must either be given the opportunity to work another day or compensated at their normal rate of pay as though they had worked that day.
•    A contract employer who provides student-related services who was scheduled to work on a day that school was canceled must either be given the opportunity to work another day or compensated at their normal rate of pay as though they had worked that day.
•    Lost days without school are January 28 and 29th, February 4th, and March 14th
•    Motion by Member Swenson to forgive the four school days missed due to weather and student safety.  Second by Member Christianson.  U.C.
6. 1. h.  Badger Staffing
•    Evening Custodian James Smits has resigned from position
•    Supervisor Magnusson has requested utilization of substitutes the remainder of the school year
•    3 hours per day in the evening
6. 1. i.     Badger School District Certificate of Deposit
•    School District currently has a one year $200,000.00 CD at Border State Bank at 1.30%
•    12 Month Renewal Rates: 12 month 2.15% Border State Bank / 1.60% Citizens State Bank
6. 1. j.     Badger Graduation
•    May 19th at 2:00
•    Traditionally all board members attend graduation ceremony.
•    2 board members participate in Graduation ceremony.
•    Please let me know if you will be unable to attend ceremony.
•    Member Rhen volunteered to help present diplomas.  The board felt that member Dostal would also be willing to present diplomas
6. 1. k. Polaris Industries FIRST Robotics Donation
•    Polaris Industries has committed $5,000.00 donation to Badger School District to for expenses associated with FIRST Robotics World Championships in Detroit.
•    The first Robotics team is having a raffle.  Isane Farms donated half a beef and John and Joni Burkel donated a Turkey.
6. 2.     Dean of Students
7.     Reports
7. 1.     Accept Cash Report through March 31st, 2019 subject to audit.
Motion by Member Rhen, Second by Member Hauger. U.C.
8.     Proposed Resolutions April 8th, 2019
8. 1.     Approve renewal of a $200,000 Certificate of Deposit from Border State Bank.
Motion by Member Swenson, Second by Member Christianson. U.C.
8. 2.     Approve resignation of part time evening custodian James Smits.
Motion by Member Hauger, Second by Member Christianson. U.C.
9.     Adjourn
Motion by Member Christianson, Second by Member Hauger to adjourn the meeting at 8:58 p.m. U.C.
Upcoming Dates:
Regular School Board Meeting – May 13, 2019 @ 7:30 p.m. in the FACS Room.

Cari Dostal, Clerk
Jamie Isane, Chairperson
(May 22, 2019)

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