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Proceedings/Fisher ISD #600 (MN) School Districdt

Fisher ISD #600
Regular School Board Meeting
Date: Arpril 17, 2019
Review Bills: 6:30 P.M,
Board Meeting: 7:00 P.M.
1.0    Call the Meeting to Order
1.1     School Board Members Roll
__x__ Mike Vasek(22) _x__ Sheila Beiswenger(22) _x__ Josh Krostue
(22) __x__ Lance Reitmeier(20) _x__ Darryl Jorgenson(20) _x__ Josh
1.2    Administration x  Evan Hanson  x   Catherine Steinmetz  x   Josh
Guests: Erin Marsyla, Katrina Prudhomme, Sandra Fetsch, Cassey Hyde, Laura Brekken, Colette Ketchum
1.3    Pledge of Allegiance
2.0    Public Comment
3.0    Approval of the Agenda as Presented or Amended
Motion: _Beiswenger_ Second: _Korynta_  Approved
4.0    Approve Minutes of the Board Meeting
4.1    Board Minutes (March 20, 2019)
Motion: _Reitmeier_ Second: _Krostue_  Approved
5.0    Financial
Payable disbursement for (date) 3/21/2019 through 4/17/2019
in the amount of  $ 98,003.49  Check # 52596  through 52652
Voids: NONE Credit Card amount $ 1,807.80  EFT $ 440,000
Motion: _Vasek_ Second: _Reitmeier_  Approved
6.0    Action Items
6.1    Snow Day Forgiveness (3 Days)
Motion: _Beiswenger_ Second: _Jorgenson_
Aye: Vasek, Beiswenger, Krostue, Reitmeier, Jorgenson, Korynta
6.2    Voluntary Partial leave Agreement: Cristin Hardy (45%)
Motion: _Reitmeier_     Second _Korynta_  Approved
7.0    Consent Agenda
7.1    Health Insurance: NWSC premiums stayed the same.
7.2     Communications Plan JMC and Link to Website for emergency
notifications. Create prepared statement for crisis plans
7.3    Summer Program 6 weeks, 3 weeks swimming lessons, same hours
as last year
7.4    Bids for LED Lighting   combination of retrofit and new istures
7.5    Resignation Custodian: Levi Webster
7.6    Hire P/T Custodian: Josh Juntunen
Motion: _Jorgenson_ Second: _Reitmeier_
8.0    Principal Reports
8.1    Elementary Student Activities
8.2    HS Student Activities
9.0     Superintendent Report
9.1    Negotiations: Update (Health Insurance)  Check into PEIP
9.2    Facilities Planning Committee (May 3) Project delivery – General
9.3    Leadership Team Update (April 4) ELearning and Community
Education – Summer Band
9.4    Wednesday Meetings Change meetings to 3rd Tuesday of the month
10.0     Next Meetings:     Tuesday, May 14 @ 7:30 P.M.
11.0     Adjournment 8:54
Motion: _Krostue_ Second: _Korynta_ Approved

(May 22, 2019)

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