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One Community: Al-Huda Islamic Center Hosts Second Open House Open to All

On Saturday May 18, the Al-Huda Islamic Center hosted an open house and meal to celebrate the most revered month in Islam known as Ramadan. This event was open to the community to come and participate in a question and answer session about the Islamic Religion and was well attended. This Islamic center has been open since November 2018 and serves at least 200 local Muslims. That number has been growing and the event was well attended and well received by all participants. In addition, that number of Muslims served by the mosque fluctuates. It fluctuates because the mosque serves as an open place of worship for all Muslims who commute to East Grand Forks and those who choose to drive there for daily prayers. Al-Huda was built partly to allow area Muslims an easier time to converse, communicate and pray without having to travel further distances to other area mosques.

This event showcased a wonderful convergence of people from around the community who came together to learn about the Islamic faith and meet more of their neighbors. Good conversation and wonderful international dishes were had by all. Open houses and community meals are a common feature of mosques during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. During this month all Muslims not dealing with health concerns or traveling through multiple time zones fast from sun up to sun down on a daily basis. For example, on Saturday night, all Muslims that were fasting did not start eating with the community until sundown, 9:04 PM. This year the last day of Ramadan will be on June 3.

To read the complete story see the May 22 edition of The Exponent.

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