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Badger School preparing for upcoming school year

During his second Badger School Board meeting on August 12, new Badger superintendent-principal Kevin Ricke talked about the shift that’s occurring within the Badger School building. The office team is at full strength, all the back-to-school notifications are being organized, and the first day of fall sports started that day.

“The vibe at school is feeling like school again,” Ricke said. “So now kids are showing up for practices and teachers are coming in– good spirits.”

As for the start of the school year, the Badger School will be hosting its annual “Back to School” Open House event from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm on Thursday, August 29. This event provides an opportunity for students, parents and community members to visit the school buildings and with the district’s staff members. This event also will include the chance to build ice cream sundaes.

Going into the school year, the Badger School has no vacant positions outside a long-term sixth grade sub position. Ricke said that hopefully the district wouldn’t need to fill this vacant position until December of this year.
The district received an email inquiry about the position, but has not received any formal applications, so will continue its search. Board member Chairperson Jamie Isane asked if Andrea Hogenson had expressed interest in the position.

“She did ask some questions about it (the position) and she said she would consider it,” Ricke said.

Speaking of vacancies, as for Gator sports, all fall coaching positions are filled, but some winter and spring coaching positions still need to be filled. These positions include: both seventh and eighth grade girls’ basketball, C-level boys’ basketball (dependent on participant numbers), assistant track coach, and junior high baseball coach.

Also of note as the school year begins, the district has not yet received any snow removal bids.

Joint Sports Billing
At the meeting, the board also received a report from Badger business manager Shena Brandt on the district’s joint sports billing. The Badger School saw its 2018-19 sports expenses increase by 11,232.65 when compared to its 2017-18 sports expenses.

This increase includes the joint sports billing with GMR and the separate joint sports billing with GMR, Tri-County, and Marshall County Central for track.

Not including the joint track expenses and revenues, the Badger 2018-19 sports expenses increased by $9,065.22, compared to the 2017-18 season, and GMR’s increased by $18,130.41 over that same period. Of note, under the joint sports agreement with GMR, Badger takes on one-third of the costs and GMR two-thirds. Excluding the joint track agreement, joint sports expenses between both schools combined increased by $27,195.63– from $350,505.84 (in 2017-18) to $377,701.47 (in 2018-19).

“The Gators had a great year last year, so we had more postseason advancements,” Ricke said after hearing of the increase.

Badger Dean of Students Stacey Warne pointed to numerous expenses that figured into the increase, including: salaries of drivers, coaches, and officials, and the additional costs and number of transportation miles that came with numerous teams (softball, girls’ golf, and wrestling) advancing to state.

To see the complete Badger School Board meeting story, read the August 14 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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