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“Greenbush Runners” run to Badger

“Snooky” (Sheldon) and Helen Erickson, LifeCare Greenbush Manor residents, are pictured with the “Greenbush Runners”. Left to right, back row are: Amanda Kjos, Kayla Klaski, Karen Hedman, Paige Langaas, and Kasey Pries; front row: Chelsey Hamness and Kirsti Converse. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

Meet the “Greenbush Runners”, all employees of LifeCare Greenbush Manor, who began running as a group this summer. They are: Kirsti Converse, Paige Langaas, Karen Hedman, Chelsey Hamness, Amanda Kjos, Kasey Pries, and Kayla Klaski.

“We run three to four days a week (starting) at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m.,” Kirsti said. “We’re training for the ‘Wild Hog’ the end of September in Grand Forks, N.D. It’s a half marathon, 13.1 miles, and a 10 K, 6.2 miles.”

Also included in their training agenda was an August 10th run to the neighboring town of Badger, a distance of ten miles.

“We will probably run five miles, take a half-way point stretch, and then run the last five miles,” Paige stated. “We’ll do a pre-workout before we begin the run.”

“And, how long have you been planning this (run)?” I asked.

With a giggle, they both replied, “Since Monday!”

Saturday morning the runners were up, out of bed, and ready to go before the crack of dawn. Sunshine and temps around 57 degrees made for the beginning of a beautiful day.

Kayla Klaski was designated to accompany the runners on her bicycle with a supply of water and other necessities including a speaker with taped music.

Leaving Greenbush at 5:55 a.m., the Greenbush Runners’ route took them along State Highway 11 until nearing Badger where they turned off onto 280th Street, that led them right to their destination, the Twins Corner Café on Main Street. Arrival time was 7:50 a.m.; run time total was one hour and 28 minutes.

Waiting for this bubbly group to join them for a well-earned tasty breakfast at the café were Sheldon (Snooky) and Helen Erickson, formerly of Badger and now of LifeCare Greenbush Manor. Rachel Kjos and Christina Zelinski also joined in cheering the runners on.

The Ericksons have resided at the Manor since August 9, 2017.

When asked, “What do these gals mean to you?” Helen replied, “They are wonderful!” Snooky responded, “You can’t beat ‘em – they are like family … they keep the candy dish empty!”

The group all agreed that they had a very good trip. “We aren’t stopping now!” they chimed in unison. “We’re looking at going to Paradise (in Strathcona) next time.”

“Great job! You go, Greenbush Runners!”

One can also read this story in the August 21 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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