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Another ‘to do’ wish crossed off her bucket list

Cindy Hagen is pictured with Sid Skogstad who made it possible for Cindy to fulfill another wish on her bucket list when she rode in the sidecar of Sid’s motorcycle on the fourth annual “Cindy’s Ride” from Halma to Karlstad, Minn. (submitted photo)

One hundred fifty plus gathered at the Frog Pond, the starting site of “Cindy’s Ride” on motorcycles. (submitted photo)

(submitted photo)

When talking with her sister, Cindy Hagen, a number of years ago, Greenbush resident Gretchen Berg inquired whether she had a bucket list or not.

Diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis a little over 30 years ago, this very admirable woman resides at the LifeCare Greenbush Manor.

Berg remarked, “Cindy said that she has a beautiful life but would still like to experience a few things. Her requests were so simple but there was one that was a little more difficult … she had never ridden on a motorcycle.”

As luck would have it, Gretchen and Syd Skogstad, who work at Polaris in Roseau, Minn., found out they had one thing in common – a love for motorcycles!

“Syd eventually suggested we take Cindy for a ride in one of his many motorcycles, a 1999 Honda Valkyrie 1500 with a custom sidecar,” Gretchen stated.

This year marked the fourth consecutive “Cindy’s Ride”.

Gretchen said that at first it was just family involved on the ride – herself, daughter Kayla Aaskov, son Blaire, and Michele Green. Her daughter, Aubre, would ride with Syd to help with Cindy, and Gretchen’s husband Brian, and daughter, Morgan, who ride in their Polaris ‘Slingshot’. She noted that Cindy even has a custom-painted motorcycle helmet.

“Every year we added friends who wanted to come along to support Cindy,” Gretchen said. “This year we met up with about 150 new friends at the Frog Pond at Halma! The motorcycle group was a part of “Max’s Bash”, a fundraiser for Camp Courage North in Lake George, Minn. It is a special needs summer camp for children and adults that takes place at Wagon Wheel Ridge in Karlstad, Minn.

“The riders were so impressed with Cindy’s story that they asked her and Syd to be co-leaders on the ride to Karlstad.”

“It was such an honor for Cindy and she was delighted! We want to encourage you all to get out there and experience life, just as she has.”

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