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Greenbush resident becomes U.S. citizen

Ulrik and Kayla Aaskov of Greenbush, Minn., are pictured at the Citizenship Ceremony in St. Paul, Minn. (submitted photo)

Congratulations to Ulrik Aaskov of Greenbush, Minn., formerly of Brande, Denmark, for becoming a naturalized American citizen on August 8, 2019 in St. Paul, Minn. Ulrik took his oath with approximately 650 other naturalized citizens from several different countries.

Ulrik originally came to America on a gymnastics team in 2004 at the age of 16. A visit to a dairy farm in Michigan perked his interest in American farming. Ulrik says he was “mesmerized by the size of the farms and all the room in America.” In 2008 he returned to work for Arne and Jon Heggedal on a student exchange visa for one and half years. In 2013 Ulrik earned a degree in Ag Economics in Denmark and was chosen Ag Economist of the Year by the Minister of Fishery and Ag, which is similar to our Secretary of Agriculture. In 2013 he returned to work for the Heggedals on a green card, which he received in the Green Card Lottery, and has worked for them ever since. They have become his home away from home. With their help, he was able to purchase his own quarter of land and do some of his own farming. Along with farming, he has earned an AS degree in Business at Northland Community College and is currently working on a BS degree in Finance through the U of M.

Ulrik is married to Kayla Berg, daughter of Brian and Gretchen Berg of Greenbush. Their 17-month-old son, Marius, like Ulrik, has dual citizenship in Denmark and America. Marius, along with his mom and dad, has made two trips to visit his Grandma Inge-Marie and Grandpa Ole, two uncles, one aunt and several other relatives in Denmark. Becoming a citizen became more important to Ulrik now that he has a family. Ulrik says he is anxious to exercise his privilege to vote and make decisions that he thinks are important in this country.

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