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River’s Edge makes some changes and additions

Pictured above is what River’s Edge Bait and Convenience in Greenbush looked like before finishing the construction of a new canopy and new signage with the Cenex logo on it. After being independent for 15 years, River’s Edge decided to make a change in branding to Cenex. (photo by Val Truscinski)

Alan Truscinski (left) and his son Alex Truscinski stand in a 14-foot deep hole next to the new 12,000 gallon split tank that River’s Edge decided to install. This tank includes another grade of gas– 91 premium— on one side and diesel on the other side. (photo by Val Truscinski)

Drive past the gas station known as River’s Edge Bait and Convenience and one may notice the new canopy and the new signage with the Cenex logo on it. But those aren’t the only new changes and additions in the works these days at the gas station located near the State Highway 11 and State Highway 32 intersection in Greenbush.

The owners of River’s Edge, Alan and Val Truscinski decided to take on a project that, when completed, will come with an estimated cost of between $175,000 and $200,000.

“It’s big decisions that have to be made,” Alan Truscinski said about the changes and additions being made to River’s Edge. “…. You don’t know whether it’s right or wrong, but the future is the teller.”

Including those changes and additions already mentioned, this project also involves the addition of a 12,000 gallon split tank, one side will include another grade of gas– 91 premium–and other side will include diesel.
The diesel pump will be high speed, including a satellite pump that will allow semis the fast-filling convenience.

“The idea of adding diesel to the store has been tossed around for many years, and we’ve have had many inquiries about adding it,” Val said via email. “We’ve made an area for semis to be able to stay overnight, and it seems that it is being utilized more and more. So being able to offer diesel to those truckers makes sense.”

As part of this project, River’s Edge also decided to make a change in branding, leading to the new signage, installed by Rose City Canopy out of Eagle Bend, Minn. The store was approached about branding after being independent for 15 years. Located in an agricultural community, they decided to move forward with Cenex. As Val pointed out, going with Cenex provides many customer benefits.

“When branding was being talked about, it seemed like the right time to make that move (to add diesel and premium gas),” Val said via email. “All of this took place the beginning of this summer, but we had to wait for all of the pieces to fall into place before the project could begin.”

The main portion of this project began on October 7, but preparatory work did take place before this. Dependent on weather, River’s Edge hopes to have things running by October 20.

River’s Edge made the decision to improve and add on in numerous ways with the hope that it provides many benefits and conveniences.

“We are hoping with this investment it betters the community,” Val said via email, “by cleaning up and beautifying the aesthetics of the store (among other things).”

As a business, River’s Edge needs to provide these benefits and conveniences to those within the community and those traveling through it, from saving diesel truck drivers’ time in filling up to keeping up with the credit card technology requirements.

“(We are) hoping that people realize that it takes local support,” Alan said, “as well as highway support for our businesses to survive.”

To see the complete story, read the October 16 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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